birthday party help!?!

Question: Birthday party help!?
hi:) me and my best friend want to have a combined birthday party because our birthdays are close together! We cant think of anything to do though! we want to have either activities at home or have someone come and host the party or go somewhere but we don't know where. we dont want to go to the mall or movies because we always do that! oh and we are turning 15!

thanks for your help! :)


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have a party with all your friends :)
have music, food, games, dance contests,
gift bags, dancing, singing, dancing, games.
play Twister! :D

you could :
-have a fancy dress party
-a masquerade
-america's next top model party.Here all the girls you invite will dress in the cutest dress they have and all the boys {or whoever you want} judge who looks the best.Then the rest of the party you just have fun :)
-disney princess.I know you're turning 15 but one of my friends is turning 16 this year and loves disney princess.Who doesn't want to dress like a princess for one day?

or you could rent a hall or something and have a big party with lots of friends (:

my brilliant brain :')

I'm going to say that you should pick the biggest basement of all your friends and invite anybody that you enjoy their company and have food, movies, card games etc.

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