What should I make for dinner for a date?!

Question: What should I make for dinner for a date?
I'm a college student so fancy stuff is hard to make, whats relatively easy to make but will also impress him?


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McDonalds! Buy 50 chicken nuggets for $20!

Who doesn't love chicken cooked in fats and oils?

I would definitely say spaghetti, but of course you could call it pasta. This is pretty easy to make. Purchase the small noodles instead of the big thick ones however, to make it look more elegant and pour the sauce on generously, making it look really nice. Then buy rosemary, or some other nice smelling edible herb, and place a small peice on the sauce, along with a small drizzle of parmesian cheese. This should look very nice.

Reservations.........! ;/

No...seriously...what are you leaning towards....pasta dish?
1pot meal?

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