Should I have a 'wardrobe malfunction' theme at cocktail party?!


Should I have a 'wardrobe malfunction' theme at cocktail party?

I'm having a birthday party and I am thinking of doing a 'wardrobe malfunction' theme where people can come dressed in cocktail wear but with the twist of having something wrong with their outfit. (Ie mismatched earrings or wacky shoes) Do you think this will be a good idea for a cocktail party, or that people will be willing to participate?

I think the creative participation just might shock and delight you. Go for it, and have fun! You could use the Janet Jackson superbowl pic for the cover of your invitations. You just better be sure the kids aren't home that night. ;-)

That sounds really kooky but fun.

It sounds good to me, but it is definetly a bad idea.

If you know your crowd is fun-loving then go for it. If people on your invite list will feel weird about it or give you the old eye-roll then skip it.

I think it sounds kind of fun, so why not?

That sounds awesome!!

that sounds fun i would participate in something like that I'm sure it will be a blast . if they're not willing they are probably insecure and afraid of looking stupid. you should defiantly do it!

Unless you specifiy otherwise you might have alot of swinging di*ks and t*ts.

Ooooh... that sounds fun! But watch out, someone may misunderstand and give you the ol' nip slip. lol

Yes, but invite me!

I think that is very original idea - very cool. I think people will be intrigued and it would definitely be easy to participate. If someone shows up at the party "perfect" - that can be fixed quickly - just have some toothpaste at the ready (everyone has dropped toothpaste on their outfit at the last minute - haven't they?)

Kudos for a great idea!


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