Hosting a Harry Potter birthday party?!

Question: Hosting a Harry Potter birthday party?
My daughter is having a Harry Potter themed 16th birthday party. I was looking for ideas to make it fun, but not too little kid? She loves Harry Potter, but wants her party to be one for teenagers.


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Just have a few harry potter based fun things such as...
butter beer (recepie can be found online - non alcohlic!! lol but yummy)
maybe create a game with bertie bots every flavour beans? (just use jelly beans lol)
get a chocolate fountain
make pumpkin spiced cupcakes
make cheese sticks in lightning bolt shapes (lol)
make a mad uncle run in and scare them all pretending to be voldermort haha
hope these are some half decent ideas!! have a good time!

Maybe make it more like the Yule Ball? Get some Wizard rock cds, have some Harry Potter props as decorations, and be sure to serve food that is mentioned in the books. I just recently bought the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. We're giving our son a Harry Potter party in May (he'll be 10). We are going to divide the kids into the 4 houses and have them go around to different classes with fun activities.

Bring her to Orlando Universal Studios. It's amazing!!!!

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Make them a 'butterbeer' punch fountain, or just a bown with cups. Have like a themed buffet with chocolate frogs and jellybeans etc, even could have a real caged hedwig! that would be so cool!

They could dress up as the characters and watch the movies?

I'm 18 am a Harry Potter fan!
I will be having a HP 18th party and have been thinking up ideas for it! Less than two months away!
These are the things I have planned so far:

An HP part isn't an HP party without the HP movies, so that is the first thing! What ever room you pick to watch the HP movies in should be labeled either Hogwarts OR Gryffindor (or another house) common room. I'm choosing Gryffindor for my Living room. It is very open and the ceiling is really high, so it adds effect. I will simply have a lot of yellow and red streamers going about different places and I am a drawing of a large lion to put on the wall of the common room. I will also have balloons all over the floor of the common room of the house color. That is also the room where my friends and I are going to be sleeping.

Now that you have that ^ squared away, you HAVE to have Honey Dukes! In my house we have a Dining Room and a Kitchen with a dining area, so I can make due of both of those dining areas! My first dining area is Honey Dukes. There will be a large white scroll banner that says "Honey Dukes"

All the glass shelves that normally hold picture frames will hold cheep plastic jars (made to look like glass, hopefully from dollar store) filled with Honey Dukes candy. Find the Honey Dukes label from Google images and print it out on sticker paper (get sticker paper from the craft section of Wal-mart) then label the dishes with the images. Get some black address labels and a permanent marker and write the name of each sweet on the jar too.

Honey Dukes, complete.
If you'd like, split your dining area into Honey Dukes and the Three Broomsticks. The three Broomsticks would of course be the drink area. Make some pumpkin juice. You can find a recipe online. Also, make a pitcher of butter beer. Have back-ups in the fridge. Cream soda, butter scotch candy, butter, etc. for the butter beer. A better recipe can be found online.

Now, if u have a specific area for eating at the party, go crazy and make it a replica of the great hall. You don't have to get too crazy though XD Gold utensils (plastic), cups (plastic) and plates (paper) would be just fine. You could find that at your nearest Party City. Also, get a table cloth of White or maybe a nice deep blue, red or purple. Be creative. IF you really feel like it, you could get picture frames and print out pictures of ancient old people and sit them around the dining area to give it that Hogwarts touch.

Put a 9 on the left side of your front door, and a 10 on the right! so they have to enter into 9 3/4

Next up is games.... (This is stuff I've typed up for my party that I just pasted)

1). Get brooms, go around outside of house while on broom, first person to find the snitch keeps it. Must stay on broom whole time until snitch is found.
2). Get brooms, put a ball (the quaffle) on the end of the broom and race around the outside of the house 3 times, each time getting a piece of parchment checked to note you went around 3 times. If your quaffles falls off, you must get them and go back to the starting point. You may;however; keep what ever marks on your parchment you have already. Winner gets a snitch.

You can make a snitch with a small ball, clue on feathers then spray paint the ball gold.

This is something else I jotted down for my party:
1).Cake (peferably HP theme)
4).wings (maybe)
***All candy put in cheap jars with Honey Dukes sticker label thing.
1).Twizlers-licorice wands
2).Lollies rolled in pop rocks- Acid pops
3).Pumpkin juice
4).Caramels-ton tongue toffee
5).Jelly Bellys- every flavor beans
6).pumkin pasties (maybe)
7).Butter beer (cream soda, butter scotch, cream and butter)
8).Cockrouach clusters (maybe)
9).Gummy Rats
I didn't exactly get to finish planning for my party completely, but, if you want anything else I come up with, let me know!

I love the idea that someone above me came up with about the Yule ball, I may incorporate that in my party. If you have another room in your house (maybe even your garage?) make that the evening portion of the party. I'm not sure if your daughter's is a sleep over, but it would be easier to do more if it were. They could have the "yule ball" tell them to bring different colored dress robes. If boys are coming make them bring dress robes too. If not, boys....who needs 'em anyway? Play some wizarding music. Make some "hag's snot" punch and put out a few appetizers and dim the lights. Once the Yule Ball is over, movie time!

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