I stink at making guesses help?!


I stink at making guesses help?

i need to know how to find out how many skittles r in n e jar like mutliply subract what i need to know

Ok, assume that each skittle is about 1cm in diameter and 1/2 cm in height.

Get the area of the skittle top by multiplying pi (about 3.14) by the radius (of the skittle) squared. (Radius is diameter divided by 2)
Then multiply that by the height of the skittle.
That's the volume of the skittle. That's about 0.125 * pi cm cubed (i.e. 0.39 cm cubed)

Get the area of the jar top by multiplying pi by the radius (of the jar) squared.

Then multiply that by the height of the jar.
That's the volume of the jar.

Divide the volume of the jar by the volume of one skittle, and that's how many skittles there are in the jar.

well you can figure it out scientifically or just take a guess... I would bet the easiest thing they would do is dump a whole bag or 2 or 3 of the bigger bags in a jar... so maybe like 300-400

just guess its the fun part!

If it's something like a store contest and you can hold the jar and see through it, do the following. Count the number of pieces on the bottom layer and multiply by the number of pieces in the straightest line up the side from the bottom to the neck of the jar. The actual total will be slightly higher.

If you can not handle or see through the jar, do this. Fill a small dry measuring cup with the skittles level with the top and count the skittles. Multiply by the how many times you would need to fill this measuring cup to fill the jar. Example: if you count the pieces in 1/4 cup and the jar holds one quart, you need to multiply by 16. Once again the actual total will be slightly higher, but this estimate should be closer than the first.

In both of these methods the actual number will be slightly higher than your estimate if the jar is filled all the way to the lid.

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