Help planning a party...opinions needed.?!

Question: Help planning a party...opinions needed.?
although i still have nearly 3 months left until graduation, i am already beginning to plan my graduation party. i have two different options that i am considering, i just want opinions on which one would be more fun and how to improve.

for either idea, i plan on having a cook out in the late afternoon that runs into the night about 2 weeks after graduation so classmates can come, but i also plan on inviting some of my family with younger children. maybe inviting 100-125 people max. for food, i am thinking watermelon, hotdogs, hamburgers, homemade ice cream, anything that reminds people of summertime (the 4th of july, labor day, the sunset over the beach, sunburned cheeks after a day on the lake, etc., which are all things that typically remind me of summer) i also plan on playing music that is family friendly but still being fun. no alcohol will be served, and nobody will bring any in without consequences.

besides the general stuff for both, here is where i need opinions on which party would be more fun.

bonfire: i have no clue where i would hold this at, but if i really want it, i am sure i could find a place. but make smores and stuff after it gets dark. also maybe having other activities like corn hole and stuff. i would also have to think of a backup plan incase a suprise thunderstorm arises.

baseball: what reminds you more of a typical american summer than baseball? for this one, a local baseball field with working lights and scoreboard, community building, and picnic shelter would be rented. we would have games like cornhole, flag football, volleyball, even tennis and other summertime favorites. i was thinking anybody that wants to could play a game of baseball (wiffle ball or kickball are also possibilities) under the lights. if it was to rain, or some crazy thunderstorm just came out of nowhere, the party could easily be moved into the building.

for both, i was thinking have some bug spray incase people forget theirs. i was also thinking having, like, glow sticks and sparklers, maybe even fireworks, since it is at night. since it is during the summer time, i was thinking maybe giving bubbles and mini water guns out also. maybe even having "2011" shaped silly bands, and mardi gras beads and tassel key chains in my high school colors.

sorry this is kind of long, but what do you think would be more fun? how could i make them better? do you see any problems why something wouldn't work out? what other kinds of food should i serve? also, i live in what a lot of people call the "boonies" (if you hear banjos, you better run [= ), so renting out a hotel, a huge party, or something crazy expensive is not really an option thanks


I think you need to decide if you want a party to celebrate YOUR graduation or a party to celebrate you and your friends graduations respectively. If you are to be the focus, and there is nothing wrong with that you worked hard and deserve it, then plan a party with family and friends that are not celebrating their own graduation. If you don't mind sharing then plan a party where you all can celebrate and feel included. I think the first idea was a good one and so is the baseball one. I like the idea of giving out party favors in your school colors. Just make sure you have time to enjoy the party yourself and are not playing hostess all night. You only graduate HS once!

Smores and possibly some other snacks and canned beverages bought on sale would sure be easier on the budget than the full menu. Could do them over grills if the bonfire is a problem. Outside activities would be fun.

I think you put a lot of thought into all the ideas and they will all blend nicely together. Your ideas already sound like you will be spending quite a bit. You may not be able to have a bonfire in the community areas- double check. Baseball field sounds fun, near a lake might be dicey if you have alot of small children and anyone will be drinking.

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