What would happen if i drank 100 cups of coffee?!


What would happen if i drank 100 cups of coffee?

You would definitely end up in hell with all your gay friends!

You would irritate the lining of your stomach and you would be in the bathroom most of the day.

you would have an awesome caffeine buzz, an extremely clean colon & you would being peeing every 10 minutes - ENJOY!!!

you'd feel your hair growing :)

You wouldn't have to worry about wetting the bed because you'd be awake for quite a while I should imagine.

Starbuck's stock value would show an upsurge

Depends on how long you spaced those 100 cups of coffee out. If you drink 100 cups of coffee in 50 days, well that's only 2 cups a day so I think you'd be fine. If you drink 100 cups in one afternoon, you'll increase your heart rate drastically and be in the bathroom constantly.

You couldn't. I you don't believe me, try it.

you would stay awake for quite a while let alone other side effects like diarrhoea

you'd be almost as wired as me!

My friends boyfriend had a job in a coffee bar and overdosed on coffee....she had to call the ambulance...he overdosed on caffeine and it was like a drug overdose...very weird...

I am more than willing to participate in a live study - should I start now? Define CUP? Are we talking Venti? Can I count the 20 oz I have already had today? French Blend, Folders or Columbian Roast? Should I measure the pee? Huh? (You get the picture)

If you like caffeinated coffee, you should slug down those 100 cups on a bench near an Emergency Room.

Here's what could happen:

Sleeping trouble; muscle twitching; confusion; in and out of consciousness; increased urination; fever; breathing trouble; vomiting; diarrhea; irregular or rapid heart beat; hallucinations; dizziness; convulsions.

In severe cases, death may result from convulsions or an irregular heartbeat.

If you prefer decaf, you probably won't die. Hooray, decaf!

But... your gastrointestinal system from top to (literally) bottom will likely react poorly to this experiment and will takes its revenge. Your breath will smell like Juan Valdez' donkey's poop. And you'll still spend a LOT of time in the bathroom. Bring a few books.

you would have to go peepee reaaallly bad.....and be pretty amped about life for a while too..

You would probably have a heart attack or overdose on caffine not to mention your stomach would probably deteriorate.

You'd overdose on caffeine, which is neither easy nor pretty. Expect muscle spasms, confusion, loss of consciousness, fever, difficulty breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, irregular hearbeat, hallucinations, dizziness, and convulsions.

I would be really high, what about you

ur tears, and sweat will taste like brewed coffee...

Boing! Boing! Boing! What the......

You would be Shakeing and Hot

you would be bouncing off the walls, thats for sure. You may have a heart attack also or a severe anxiety attack.

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