Titanic dinner party entertainment...?!

Question: Titanic dinner party entertainment...?
Me and a few friends are doing our own version off come dine with me between five of us and the theme i am doing for my night is Titanic, so everyone has to come dressed as a first class passenger and I have all the decorations etc. The only problem is I have no idea what to do for entertainment. I was thinking maybe going into another room and dancing to the music from the third class passenger place on the film.

Thing is that is sorta boring and I want it to be a night to remember... I was also thinking about a trivial quiz for them based on the movie... But sorta boringg

Thanks guys and gals xxxx


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The music at dinner in the movie was provided by a string quartet. You can't fail

I wouldn't keep it really traditional as far as the music goes unless your guests enjoy music from the 1910's ---- I'd pick a wide variety of music from all decades -- Slow dances might work with old time music from 1912 though and a few fast songs like in the 3rd class. Music really started picking up popular tunes in the 1920's and beyond -- While having a period party is very nice! (I'd love to go to a Titanic themed night! -- but people tend to like more modern music.

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