Birthday party essentials (and non essentials)!!?!

Question: Birthday party essentials (and non essentials)!!?
Hey guys, so im having a big 18th birthday party. And when i say party i mean PAR-TAY....... Im holding it in my shed and im gonna have bouncy castles, a rodeo bull, street performers, a bar, hopefully a really good band, fire eaters, chocolate fountains etc... the whole shebang...... Is there anything else that i need (or don't need but would be really cool??)....... Thanks in avance, Peace out!! xD


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You must have a big shed.

Have a fire extinguisher mounted somewhere handy...advise your local sheriff/constable that you're having a bash [as in no worries, chum]...get a goodly supply of ice [cubes last longer than crushed] and store same in washtubs out of the combat area...have a decent first aid kit and let's hope there's a student nurse in the crowd...porta-potties out in the back pasture for the gents, let the girls have the indoor loo...and if you're planning on offering toots, nose candy, spliffs etc., be sure you can make bail and that your family has a decent attorney on retainer.

oh yes, happy BD, dude. oh yes, cancel the rodeo bull - the parental units might appreciate not having to go to court when someone gets badly hurt. liability is not a 'concept' it is a reality.

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