Has anyone ever drank a full bottle of soy sauce all at once??!


Has anyone ever drank a full bottle of soy sauce all at once??

If so, please describe the experience!

No I would leave that up to steveo or bam


Gross! I'm sure if some idiot did, their fingers and toes swole up so bad they popped!

I'm not crazy! (Better watch all that salt!!!)


You can have a heart attack!

Why, on earth, would anyone want to do that??

Yeah but it wasn't a quart bottle it was 1 those little bottles you buy in a supermarket! I was having chineese and poured about 1/2 the bottle on the fried rice then was taking shots from the bottle!


The sodium content is so high, they would at the very least, end up in the hospital - if not die.

My husband has, and all he did afterwards was belch really loud. He likes it.

No, that is gross and could be potentially fatal. The amount of sodium in a bottle of soy sauce could cause kidney failure. Don't be stupid.



eww gross...all the sodium in it.

yep, i had a major case of the hershey squirts.

No why would anyone want to do that?

I drank the entire bottle of Soy Sauce, but then I had to eat an entire block of tofu to soak it up. The total experience was soy awful I ended up getting the Asian flu so I never did it again.

Happy? :}

Thats a lot of sodium...you'd OD on salt hehehehe :-)
And no I haven't ;-)

Why would anyone want to do that?


WHY?? Are you thinking about doing that or have you already done and have got the bubble guts. If so i hope the money was worth it. NO MONEY?? You are an idiot.

OMG No, but I could imagine the results, P U K E!

Please dont remind me.....

no, but i do shots of soy sauce, hot sauce, and teryaki sauce. Sometimes all in one drink

NOpe..WHy doNt U TrY..And TheN teLL us..

The question should be how's your blood pressure! All that sodium is so dangerous just asking for a stroke or worse!

WHY would anyone want to do that?

no because it's bad fo my kidney because it has lotz of sodium

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