Would you like a celebrity / figure to come to your party -- why?!


Would you like a celebrity / figure to come to your party -- why?

George Clooney
When he shows up at a party he brings free beer.

I would like Brian McFadden to come to my party cos he is wonderful since he has left Westlife and has a nice personality and always laughing

If they were going to talk to me instead of thinking they were better than everyone else, sure.

NO it's my party and i expect all the attention of others not smone else.

Billy Graham. He's the greatest preacher that ever lived. He had millions of followers yet lived a modest life. It would be great just to have him at my party to speak to people.

Jenna Jameson, would probably liven things up!

No - unless and until the person is known acquaintence and will fit in the crowd that's invited. What is the use of unnecessarily bringing a person who is not even known to you

No, What fun would that be!

I prefer my boyfriend, families and friends.
They are the real true people, I think if a
celebrity comes to your party is because
their doing it for publicity not for you. Lets
be realistic, they don't really care for people
like us. If one of them had met you....I bet
after 5 minutes they will forget your name,
am I right or wrong.

Been to a few , and Ive worked for a few
most the time they are jerks!

No it'll ruin my party actually... Because not everyone at my party adores the same celebrity as I do.. right? :)

But if everyone likes it, then why not?

just one? how about 2? i would want toby keith and kenny chesney to come to my party so when the party is over, i could have a 3way with them afterwards.

I would like to have David Blaine so that the guests would be entertained for free.

no. my friends & relatives are much more important than any other celebrity/figure.

I'd like to hold a party on preparing meals and invite Emeril to come (and cook, of course!).

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