Why is Mc Donalds so plain and boring?!

Question: Why is Mc Donalds so plain and boring?
I mean for the worlds largest restaurant/hamburger chain, you would think they would do a little better job at making a burger. It tastes so generic and mass produced, which it is, but still they could do better. Know what I mean?


Eat at your locally owned burger food restaurant. If you have one.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Their food is terrible. Their mascot is a clown... unfortunately, the only funny thing about McDonald's is the irony of their slogan, "i'm lovin' it" because I highly doubt anyone anywhere EVER, has ever said that in reference to anything McDonald's-related.

The Hamburglar is the only burglar that no one tries to stop. He is doing ppl a favor.

So yes, it's plain, it's boring, it's mass produced. If you want some amazing food, I suggest you let the Colonel into your life. Allow him to bless you with his secret recipe and you will be on the path to true salvation.



But its "Too Much" to explain in words if you know what i mean.

All those hamburgers getting fried up by greasy teens getting paid 8 bucks an hour, getting wrapped up by the other dude that does the wrapping and putting it in the big brown oily bag (which is my favorite part of mc's) and handing it off to the customer. But the burgers are just so... likeeee... "Boring" or "Drab" if thats a word. Idk if it is, it just kinda came to me as a word that describes boring and dull and unsatisfactory and nasty, and so "Same" as everyone else.

If only big macs were made with the same kind of love spongebob gives to his krabby patty burgers.

Maybe that has something to say about what majority of people like.

uncomplicated, plain and boring food.

all the stupid moms who said its making there kids fat, protested to make mcdonald get rid of fat and all the stuff that makes it good.

I guess they like to keep it simple, and traditional.

that why its called fast food, nothing fancy, want fancy go to gourmet restaurant and pay top dollar for your meal

I don't think it is plain and boring. If you do, try an Angus burger..

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