Surprise party of 40 people. Where should I have it?!

Question: Surprise party of 40 people. Where should I have it?
I want to throw a surprise party for my best friend. The only thing is I have no idea where to have it. I kind of want it to be low budget. I just spent a ton of money on my own birthday party. She's turning 17 and her birthday's in about a month. Where (or if it's at a house; what can I do?) can I hold a party for 40 or less people that is inexpensive and still fun?
Keep in mind: it will be a bunch of 16/17 year olds.
Thanks! :)


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Have it at a dine and dance, or Tappas or something, as you'll get it for free becasue the owner of the establishment knows he's going to make a lot of money with 40 people eating and buying juices and stuff. If you're worried people would expect you to pay for all of it, their meal and stuff, ask the owner to do a set menu and print invites, and tell all invited it's £20 or whatever for tickets, and tell them it's for a meal and dancing for the friends birthday. Drinks would be seperate but at all do's I've been to people buy their own drinks anyway.

ask her parents or your parents to have it at your/her house.
just do it outside in the yard and have a bonfire and music or something.

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