Pot brownies. 4x4" pan, 2 1/2 grams of prepared bud. I ate them?!


Pot brownies. 4x4" pan, 2 1/2 grams of prepared bud. I ate them?

Why does such a small amount of weed get me so high for so many hours? I ate them at 9pm last night, they kicked in around 12pm. Its 10:45am and Im still baked out of my brain.

if you really want to know, it is because it was in food.

food doesn't immediately leave your body it hangs out in your stomach and intestines so it is kinda like time released. and since you ate them at night and probably went to bed shortly after it took longer to for your body to process it.

have you ever eaten a meal late at night and still taste the next morning? it is the same thing.

you need to be careful doing this.

LMAO damn im gonna have to try em sometime

Next time try rice crispy treats!!!

I had one once, DAMN!!!!!!

sounds interesting,but i bet it tasted yucky

you stoner you know that weed baked brownies get you high...
i hope that you don't have to work today....

sound nasty

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