What would be running thru the minds of fat people if...happened?!


What would be running thru the minds of fat people if...happened?

if all meat products dissapeared..no more cows, pigs, deer, fish..nothing.... only health foods available

there are overweight vegetarians and vegans too

who cares???

Let's hear from the fat people

They would be sad but then again I am extremely underweight and I would be incredibly sad cuz I love myself some steak.

oh S*%T!!!!!!

That might be a good thing for those who are looking as if they could lose a few lbs. But for us skinny, or average people, that would be torture. Would not be fair.

Fat people might learn to run again.

Ok, I will adapt.

they would were the **** is my chicken B!tch.

they eat that stuff you stupid moron

They turn into cannibals and devour other peoples back sides.

There would still be mounds of junk food and candy, chips, ice cream, etc. They are not meat...people do not get fat from eating meat...they get fat from junk...Therefore, fat people probably wouldn't give a crap.

I think they would like it. You think they enjoy being fat?

McSoy burgers.

That's a ridiculous premise. And they could still eat cakes, pies, dougnuts, etc.

what you should be asking is if all the junk food disappeared - like chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. It's not the meat that makes people fat - it's the excessive intake of food.

Dude i dont think we should only ask what the fat ppl would be thinking cuz i am far from fat but i know i would not be thinking very happy thoughts about there being no meat THAT WOULD SUCK!! and who said meat wasn't healthy ?

I'm a skinny fella and I know I'd go ballistic! My physically demanding job would eat all my fat reserves and then move on to eating my muscle. Then I wouldn't be able to work. By the way, this is a pretty ridiculous question.

Where would all the narrow minded peope go to ask their ignorant questions if they did not have this site?

i'm sure that Fat and Skinny people will feel bad, but i think that since people live without it then they could to.

good question

i am a little over weight and i eat very healthy, very little meat never eat after dinner and excercise everyday.

maybe you should do your research. being over weight doesn't always happen because of over eating. being over weight doesn't mean you aren't healthy. there was just a study conducted recently proving just that.

i notice that you didn't put jacka*s on the list of meats so if it all disappears then you better hide jacka*s

Being a fat person I would continue to eat... healthy then... aaaaaaaaaaaaah life is good !

But I would keep a close eye on your children and pets.... muuhahahahahahahah..........

Um, I think they would protest.

i would find something good to eat like pasta, fresh veggies, and soy foods,[look like meat] i would survive, in fact it is the pasta and goodies like that i eat......

Why are you fat and worried about the world's meat supply?

They would still have chips, pretzels, candy, doughnuts, and chocolate cake. They don't get fat from meat products, They get fat from watching TV, no exercise, and eating twinkies.

There most be a way out .For us to have problem that means there is solution for it,life will continue.

you adjust and keep on eating

If they could still get it in a drive thru, they might be alright.

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