I love the hamburgers from McDonald's. Aren't they the best?!


I love the hamburgers from McDonald's. Aren't they the best?

Whenever we go to McDonalds (almost never...lol), I always order the hamburger happy meal and 1 extra burger. I find that they use WAAAYYY too much sauce on their Big Macs. Do you agree? Disagree?

I agree... mcdonald's is the hardest thing to resist once you're there hahaha I try to have it in moderation but I love the $1 menu double cheesburger- and chicken nuggets w/ buffalo sauce- now I'm craving it. DAMMIT!

Hate them

Ummm...no...they pepper and salt the meat before cooking, even the kiddie burgers, and that just ruins them.

McDonald's Hamburgers are made with face meat from the cow.

Next time you eat a hamburger at Mcdonald's think of the poor little cow

big macs are kinda messy,,i like a&w burgers best with their root beer to wash it down

everything from any american fast food place tastes like it came out of the end of a pig

I agree, I can't get enough of the $1.00 double cheese burgers...delicious, I can eat the hell out of those things...

ther made of 60 percent soybean and 40percent meat and thats not good for ya

I hate them..but be my guest..if you wanna die early eat there whenever you can..Cheers!..


McDonalds are the best in those type of places. Think the sauce is ok

gag me with a spoon

You can ask them to put less sauce on your burger and they will be happy to comply.

the sauce on the McDonald's hamburgers are just nice, not too much & it tastes good.

I like their quarter pounder more...


Their regular hamburgers are good. Plain and simple. Big Macs are just the way I like em'.

i love bigmacs.. but singapore mcdonalds' burgers are so small.. a few bites and its gone.. :'(

I love the Big Mac. They are really good the way they are. I don't think they should decrease the sauce.That's what I usually get when I go there. I went there last week and got one. Plus I really like a slushie. Now I want to go and get both!!! "To each there own!!!"

I cant remember the last time i had a big mac, i usually get the big n tasty, its not on the menu but they still have it. The double cheeseburger on the dollar menu is always good. instead of getting the happy meal with an extra burger why not get the number 2?

I dont' like McDonalds

I agree. I also order a Happy Meal they are the best but I'm not a big bread fan so one burger is enough.

i agree but i just can't get enough of the dollar menu double chesseburgers.... man those are so great!!! i eat like three on a good day!!!!

Yea, the cheeseburgers are good. I like the filet o fish even if it isnt fish. I order it with extra cheese and extra tartar so that they have to make me a fresh one. Yea I do this in the drive thru, I dont care. And sometimes when I feel really indulgent I ask them to give me an extra side of tartar and a ketchup so I can dunk my fries in the mix. Yum. And believe me, it's not the McDonalds thats gonna kill me...

McDonald's has the best fries
Burger King has the best burgers
Wendy's for the frosty

big macs are the world's remedy for constipation!

I love Mickey D's hamburgers, but the cheeseburgers are the bomb. I miss the promotion they had a few years back...hamburgers for $.39 and cheeseburgers for $.49. That was soooooooo great!!!!!

No..I don't think so.

i eat the cheeseburgers and the chicken sandwiches.

mc donalds double cheeseburger without pickles and onions is my favorite drunk and hungry food

Hell naw

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