What do I do for my son's 1st b-day party?!


What do I do for my son's 1st b-day party?

I really don't know what to do!!!!! What kind of food and what kind of activities? I don't have much time (his father and I procrastinated a little). pLease be helpful. Nothing negative.

First take a deep breath......Now exhale slowly. Ready?

Let's start with food. You will need cake for the adults and a little one for the baby. Because they will smash their face in it. It is one of the mysteries of the universe. I personally recommend serving the cake outside because you never know when your little slugger will want to practice his throwing skills.

I recommend having a nice backyard bar-b-que if you have a yard. Hotdogs and hamburgers with chips, pickles, and sodas are quick and easy. Which is what you want.

You need to keep the party easy going because Baby can get over stimulated. So do not be concerned with serving lots of food because they came to see Baby.

Second off you do not need activities unless there will older children and toddlers. Coloring books and crayons are always a good standby. You could also play a game called "Make the Baby Laugh". You need paper plates cut out with eyeholes so they can be used as masks. Have different things to decorate.... You can use markers, glitter, and anything else you find around the house. The kids wear their masks and make noises and try to make the baby laugh. Whoever does make the baby laugh wins.
Simon Says, Mother/Father May I, Red Rover Red Rover, just for example. Make sure have small prizes to give out to the winners of the game.

If the party is going to be mainly adults get some decks of cards or dominoes. Keep the party simple.

If you want to decorate, you can not go wrong with light blue and white. If you do decide to have a bar-b-que you could set out checkered tableclothes. I found 4 blue one at a dollar store for a buck on clearance.

Last but not least.... take lots of pictures and enjoy yourself. Your baby only turns one once.

Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions feel free to email me at mbjwithouse@yahoo.com and I will give you all the help I can. Hope you have a great party!!!!

I am an event/party planner.

Best activity is have him dive into the cake and take about 20 pictures as he gets covered in frosting from head to toe.

Chuck E. Cheese is always fun if you have one near you.....they do all the work....the kids are contained....not all that expensive....

have a huge celebration with the works. It is something he will remember for the rest of his life. I know I remember mine with tremendous fondness.

take a poop

for one yr old I would say something he needs but put it in something shiny, that either makes noise or can be played with because chances are they will be more enthralled with what it came in than the actual use of it

kid food, nothing too unhealthy, nice cake and have prizes for your guests..

oh, and dont' forget the baby strippers/ lap dancers.

and make sure to capture his expression on camera

It's mostly for you, since he won't remember a thing except for what you video tape. Lots of lights are usually good

He's really too young to remember anything about his birthday right now. I think it's best to do a family get-together with cake and presents instead of an all out party. You don't want to overwhelm the child. Happy Birthday to the little one!

have u space for inflatable slide or a bouncy castle........... just cook finger food like chicken legs etc etc a few doritos or pringles and loads and loads of jellys and chocolates and pletny of minerals?

he's little and doesn't require much beyond a cake, maybe some balloons (as you carefully supervise him) and maybe a couple of silly noisemakers he might laugh at.

at that age, the party is more for you than for him because he won't remember it anyway and won't understand what's going on

just have a few people over for some pizza. let the little one tear up a little cake or somthing. mine is having one on the 22nd of this month so I know the feeling. no reason to go too out of the way on the first, just something simple and for you to remember, its not like he will.

Have a carry in dinner! It's easy and everyone will like it b/c all they have to do is prepare one dish and then they will be able to eat :) Fellowship among friends and family is always a good way to celebrate. Your little one will most likely not remember a thing so try not to stress out about it being "perfect". GOOD LUCK!

At 1 yrs old, the party is more for the family then the kids. They are still at the age where the wrapping is more fun then the presents! :) So as far as the food, make it easy, like grilling out. You dont really need any activities, except opening the presents. A thought too, I made a small cake for my daugher and frosted it with cool whip so it didnt make such a big mess and frosting and less sugar too. Then she could get her fingers in it and play and the adults had their own cake. Good luck and hope this helps!

Hi there - my son turned one in February and the thing that enthralled him the most was his cake! We purchased a large cake for members of the family and had a little baby sized cake made for him. He enjoyed digging in more the presents and the company. I wouldn't stress too much. Invite people you're close too. Let him run around and socialize with his friends and family and then watch the joy everyone gets from him eating his birthday cake. You can decorate - but they really don't appreciate it much at that age. I hope this helps. Just relax and have a little get together that lets you enjoy your son turning one rather than running around like crazy the whole time. Make some easy food or have some platters made. Good luck.

Send him to chucky cheese. kids love it and they have loads of fun.

This will be his first party and that in itself is special but at the same time with the above being said he doesn't really care what you guys pull together. I say chuck e. cheese or something of that sort, there will be games for older kids and lights and noise to entertain the smaller kids. the local albertson's or grocery store sells cakes and can even write on them for you. or you can get the yellow pages and rent a clown for a hour and order pizza in. these are cheap last minute ideas. I hope one works out for you. let me know. good luck.

Pass the parcel, (parents helping), pin the tail on the donkey. Cake, trifle, jelly. Cater for all ages, as I dont think it will just be 1 year olds there?

food, cake, peek-a-boo tounaments (make sure he wins!), ummmm......................

for a first birthday i think a family get together to celebrate his first year would be best hes not quite ready for all the hoopla of chuck e cheese just yet .make or buy a sheet cake and also get a smaller one for him to destroy lol plenty of pics

As your son is not aware of what the occasion is yet the party would most likely be for those people who are close to him. Have a small family gathering and make just a cake and ice cream and may be set it up to where you can put a little party hat on him and take pictures of him in front of his cake with his family behind him so he will have that picture to remind him when he gets older that his first birthday included all the loved ones he has grown up with and they were there to celebrate his first birthday even though he won't remember, the picture will tell the story.

At his age he's not really going to know what's going on nor is he going to remember it. You could just have a cake and have family over to celebrate. We belonged to a small church when my daughter had her first birthday. I bought a big cake and took it to church and we all had some after the service. At age two I took cake to her daycare and they all had some at snack. I don't think you need a big party until they get old enough to really get into all the games and things.

You didn't mention your finanical situation but for my son's 1st birthday I rented a hotel room ( one with a pool) and had a pool party which he went "swimming " for the first time...had family only there,of course. My daughter's party i just went out and bought some ballooons,cake, and family. She just loved the balloons and was fairly entertained with the wrapping paper. What ever you choose to do, just have fun!

Well, the most important thing to remember is take pictures! And/or video. Because your son will only be able to remember his 1st B-day by looking at pictures.

Now, on to the party. Does he like any specific thing? Spongebob, Kermit, Spider-Man? Whatever he likes, theme your party along those lines. You will need a cake for him to mash his face in (for some reason, the little guys like to do that). If your on a time constraint, your local grocery store should have a bakery with a premade cake. They might even add a B-day message with no additional charge, most (albertson's, ralphs, vons) do that I think.

Get some b-day streamers, remember, this early party he won't remember except when he views the photos. I personally enjoy those large numberd candles that you can get at grocery stores. A big 'ol 1 on his cake would be better than having a single skinny generic candle.

That's about all I can suggest, just theme it on what he likes. If he has no likes, superheros and Spongebob/Sesame Street/Cartoon characters always seem to please the little ones.

For the first birthday party, if you want it to be fun for him, keep it very simple. No more than a few friends and some family. For the kids, you can have finger foods like cheerios or whatever else you feel safe in serving without having a choking hazard. For the adults, if you are doing it at a meal time, keep it easy on you and do pizza or burgers on the grill or something else simple. Make sure the time does not conflict with your son's normal nap schedule and make sure to feed him a snack first so he won't be grumpy. Kids at that age are very easily overstimulated, so party games are pretty much a waste of time. You can have a little sing along of songs the kids know (just like a circle time at day care). The biggest must is either pictures or video of your son eating his birthday cake. You can get him his own or give him a piece. Be very careful with candles, he probably cannot blow them out by himself yet and is very likely to reach for one. Most of all, have fun!

For my daughter's 1st B-Day party we served hot dogs for the kid's and we had chicken and sausage with sides for the adults along with the cake. As far as activities for the kid's, we rented a moonwalk and had a pinata with lots of goodies!!! I hope this was helpful!!!

Have a backyard party for the rug-bug. Invite his little buddies, have balloons, a big cake! Hire about 10 strange looking clowns. and perhaps have an unbroken stallion for the little guys and gals to have a hopping blast with. A Japanese Kimono Lizard to tire the kids out with running. don't forget those mosquito deterrents sure to get those that are wax and come in a can and place them throughout yard. spike the punch. nothing wrong with that kind of party. As it should forever be a most memorable birthday he will have.
His second birthday-A house of horrors my Friend Say's his kid went through alot of diapers, but it was well worth the experience and to help open his eyes to the real world. Have fun! B.

just make sure he has his own cake just for him (to play in) and another for the guests. i just had family for the first few years, the kid won't remember it and u can spend more time with him at one of his most important b-days - with some friend or family member taking lots of pictures so u can be in them - don't worry about making things perfect - if he likes big bird - get big bird stuff, balloons, etc. if nothin in particular just make it bright and happy! HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! i really miss those daze!

Finger foods like small hot dogs and Cheetos's, his favorite fruits. games hide a seek, a movie and water balloons. Or have learn how to swim party.

Have a big birthday cake and put his face in it! Take a lot of pictures and if you have a Cam recorder, record everything. Its all about your son on HIS special day. Just be very careful about what happens! Also what ever he likes, (example, barney?), then have that as his theme. Oh and i wish your son a VERY HAPPY #1 BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! :)

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