Is The Ham Still Good To Eat?!


Is The Ham Still Good To Eat?

It is still in its sealed vacuum pack, but I've had since before Easter. It has a pull date on it that is quite past, but as you all know, the pull date is merely a tactic used by markets and government to turn over products MUCH QUICKER than they need to be, so therefore cannot be trusted. But still, it IS a long time since I bought it ....... probably in April. Should I take a chance with it and eat it, or should I just serve it to my dinner guests who won't know any better?

throw it away

don't eat it.. it's not worth it

I'd say the latter cuz they wouldn't notice right. . .it will be squishy and horrid, but no one will care. . .

throw it away

Pop it open...if it smells it...

its meat, so to be safe i would throw it away

any packaged meat, if it is properly wrapped, will last in the freezer for one year. Once you thaw it, it will last one week until you cook it. You can freeze meat that has been vacuumed sealed for one year. Anything that you get from the meat department that has not been vacuumed sealed, you MUST put in a freezer bag, then you can keep it frozen for up to a year. Anything else unproperly wrapped will have freezer burn, and make you sick.

if it was froze, its ok, but refrigerated, I wouldn't eat it!

No, dont take any chances. Food poisoning can be very serious and life threatening. Why would you serve something to guests that you are not sure about? You want YOUR name at the local ER room when your guests get sick? Think about it.....

dont eat it

see how it smells, and taste a very little bit, usually the smell gives it away, things stay pretty good in vaccum pack but just be careful

don't invite dinner guests it yourself!

Its spoiled and will make people sick throw it away. Don't risk anyones health.

if it is cryo-vacd sealed , ham usually stays good

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