How would i get started in catering for parties.?!


How would i get started in catering for parties.?

Go to work for a caterer and learn the business from the inside out.

Find someone who is selling a catering business and buy it from them, but have them stay for 6 months or longer to show you the ropes.

word of mouth, do some parties for friends, and have them spread the word.

You first need to get a job with a local catering house, experience in such a business is important. It must be a reputiable businss, then work thru the ranks of that place, then onsider branching out on your own

Be sure to have your food handlers certificate from which ever state you reside in. Cost only around $150. One day class / test

Then you will need to apply for a Federal Tax I.D. # so you can begin your business legit ! Tax time comes every year, just as well be ready!

Now make up flyers, spread the word that you are out there. For an added bonus to potential customers > > > make what you think you could be famous for and deliver it to a big cooperation (during their morning coffee break when so many seem to be hungary ) for all to sample along with your business flyer / card, stating what you specialize in! Be positive and cheerful and the business will come to you ! Good luck..



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