can chicken be fried in cocaine?!

Question: Can chicken be fried in cocaine?
i was talking with a friend the other day and he said something about how good fair and expo food always smelled and tasted, and i suggested they put drugs in the food. then i asked him if its possible to flour chicken with cocaine and then fry it. any thoughts?


It would be very popular in ghetto areas, except no one could afford it, so it would it would not be a very cost efficient product. You would also just get held up at gun point just like a liquor store... "Hands up, and give me all your fried chicken!"

i am not sure about whether or not it is possible to fry chicken in cocaine, but i am sure that the food at the expo your friend was not cooked in cocaine, why on earth would they waste cocaine like that? It runs about 40$ per gram, they would not waste it like that.

No, cocaine vaporizes at 194 degrees F.

Frying it would surely be hotter than 194, so the cocaine would vaporize.

no, but your brain can !

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