Is this an adequate dinner party?!

Question: Is this an adequate dinner party?
I was invited to dinner by an old friend who I hadn't seen in a few years to meet his new wife. He said she was going to cook vegetarian for my diet he remembered since I don't eat meat. I hadn't eaten all day, two hours into my visit they asked if I was hungry at 8pm. I shrugged my shoulders and said not really since I didn't see food, but the husband went to the kitchen and took out a stir fry
package from the freezer that comes with a flavor packet. He heated that up and divided it into three portions for each of us with nothing else on the side like rice and no water. It was a very small portion of veg. When I invite someone for dinner I spend days planning and cooking something
special, not defrosting a frozen meal as an afterthought. I'm confused why this happened. Theyre a successful couple on their 50s. I had taken an expensive cake from a nice bakery for dessert. It was an hour drive each way and I picked up some food from a restaurant on the way home as I was hungry.


Yes, I totally agree with, may even be a little rude. However they're are a lot of people out there that can't cook, (at all).

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