Please give me ideas for entertainment in a fast food youth outlet.?!


Please give me ideas for entertainment in a fast food youth outlet.?

Say an outlet that serve burgers and pizzas, and beer, except for a large screen and music, can you think of any other new entertainment ideas?

A juke box, a pool table, arcade games.

Bugers cheese sticks

Nukkad naach

Have a phone(in house only) at every table. Above each table have a globe light with a number for that table's phone. Great for shy people....

Close Up Magician!
Have you ever seen one?Its amazing

On-screen and musicals are the most common and easy modes of entertainment available at the food-joints. And I wonder what's wrong with music at your outlet.

You can have rewards packages for your regular customers, and special discounts/offerings for purchase of a certain a free coke for purchase beyond Rs100 or so.

I agree with the other answer about a jukebox. You can even get your customers involved by asking for request of a song they like the vendors will be happy to oblige.If not buy their request yourself. Just be smart about it and have only your really, really frequent customers involved. Believe me it works,also have a variety to chose from and every once in awhile play request with your quarters. You'll make a good profit. Also try installing a dartboard if you cant swing the pool table yet. GOOD LUCK

consultation is very expensive.

1) Have "Happy Hours" discounts
2) Offer Draught beer and flavoured hookas
3) Have a range of 'youth' cuisine like pizzas, burgers, sizzlers, hot dogs etc.
4) Have an informal seating arrangement .. do not place tables in an even manner, ensuring flexibility of movement.
5) Informal interiors (e.g movie posters, cartoons)
6) Have a cell phone charger at each table
7) Blazing music with theme nights (e.g. a DJ night on monday, Ladies night on tuesdays etc.)
8) Offer gifts for theme events (e.g. best dressed in blue, hawaiin nights etc)
9) Offer a complimentary cake / pastries on birthdays and other occasions. Have a song dedicated / sung for him / her.
10) Have tasting sessions for you regular customer's (have them taste a new dish / drink that you have just introduced)
11) Have tie ups with entertainment hubs (e.g movie theatres, gaming arcades etc) ... offer tickets / coupons as part of a loyalty programme.
12) Maintain a database of Customers (Name, DOB, Address etc) .. send them greetings on occasions.
13) Have Customer's fill a feedback form, and ensure you respond to their suggestions / feedback.
14) The list goes on and on ...Hire me as your partner :-)

A few computer games for kids & adults, choose music of yur choice, games and lucky dip

Toy pickups (a crane which picks up soft toys or chocolates or accessories); video games; electronic score basketball stands; light 13candles with one matchstick and enjoy a free Combo meal!; cooking competition like making sandwiches or pizza by the people and they make the guests at the table taste it and comment on it on paper and whoever gets the highest votes collectively wins maybe a gift cheque or a certificate or a memorablia from ur joint!

u can change the interior i mean u can use very lively colours, you can change furniture's, u can add game area too if place is big.
n why youth?
u can make a place for old people who can come to your place and find some thing new in there life while eating .

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