When did you last have a cheese cube with a piece of pineapple on a stick?!


When did you last have a cheese cube with a piece of pineapple on a stick?

I never see them anymore.

I made some the other day and sat and ate them all by myself! They were lovely. My secret though - don't tell anyone...

Go to a cheese and wine party my dear, they are normally there.

i just had cheese cube and sultanas instead, yummm

i always make them for my parties and they go down a treat but i never have eaten one cause i dont like pinapple

in about 2 minutes, i'm making some now :-)

I actually had them on my wedding buffet!!!!
No word of a lie, we wanted kids party food cos its what we like so we had cheese and onion on sticks, cheese and pinapple on sticks, sausage rolls, pizza fingers, sandwiches etc.
It was wonderful. You never get to eat that stuff anymore. Buffets are now made up of indian snacks and posh bits which i don't like.

I've never seen that but it sounds good and I'll have to try it.


in the south cheese grated on grapefruit or pineapple is a real treat. looks and sounds rather scary, but ... its very good.


i have never had a cheese cube with a piece of pineapple on it. i will have to try that though; it sounds like it might taste good.

I have never had one... However, I love the "cheese cube and cherry tomato with basil dressing" on a stick. That's good!

at my wedding reception a month a go. my husband is a chef and was horrified when i said i wanted cheese and pineapple on sticks.he relented - no wonder i married him

I think I saw one last when I was really small but in a recent show of Come Dine with me on ITV1 someone served it as nibbles before the meal does that count?

years ago at family parties we had them all the time,dont party much anymore,Im gonna try them on my kids now u gave me the idea,thanks.

at my nephew's christening a month ago.

My cousin's wedding 1979.

I then took the tooth pick it was squewered on and broke it in two and put the pieces in the corners of my mouth, in order to transform myself into a scary vampire...ahem.

Last Thursday
We had a buffet at work and they were on there - we also had
sausages and onions on sticks

Funnily enough on Sunday! we had our 2nd wedding anniversary and made a few cos we hadn't eaten them since god knows when,but we put a cocktail sausage on aswell,they must have been apreciated because all 30 were gone in half an hour.cant wait till our 3rd anniversary

at a friends kids party, we made a hedgehog out of them like when i was a kid
i went to columbia and they had grated cheese on fruit salad tho, was a bit much for me

Well agreed you dont see them very often these days, but it wud be wrong to day that they have been scrapped off the menu from hotel.

Few reasons for its diminishing from the party menu is,
[1] Excessively sweet.
[2] Seasonal availability of the fruit.
[3] Very high on calories.
[4] more health conscious people today.

Besides today its all about KISS...keeping it short and simple.

I think...never. It sounds good. I like cheese and I like pineapple. When is the last time you had ham and pineapple on your pizza? YUMMY!!

I don't believe I ever did...

although I don't believe I've seen cocktail wienies anytime soon either...

Too long ago. I may just see if that 7 year old tin of pineapple chunks is still at the back of the cupboard :-)

My mums wedding in 1993, it was on a shoe string and they were stuck in half a cabbage wrapped in tin foil

never had one. but sounds like its great.

I had those at my wedding i decided to have loads of retro food atmy night time buffet i also had a porcupine type thing made of an upside down melon with lots of the litttle sticks in it.

Dec 23 1993..it was one of those transitional moments in life, you know...a time that sneaks up on you and says BOO!...I won't bore you with details but as the ferry pulled away from the docks i went and sat in the bar..the waiter brought a tray with snacks...

as I reached for the cheese cube/pineapple on a stick I thought "cheese and pineapple, weeelll" The moment passed and i carried on with life and here we are. To this day it still reminds me of something.

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