How to minimise stress?!


How to minimise stress?

Stress leads to loss of weight, no appetite etc

Take a vacation and get away from stress. Try to figure out what is causing stress and then see if you can minimize that. It depends on what is so stressful on what you can do. Go for walks, take a long hot bubble bath,do some kind of craft or something to help you relax for awhile. An hour out of your day to relax is really good for you - find a relaxing hobby. Sometimes to during the stress just take a moment - take a big deep breath (1-2 times) and it will help get you through for the moment, then when day is done do your relaxing hobby to get your mind off stressful day.

go to the bar and drink

dont have kids!

I think the best thing to do is try and talk to someone maybe a counselor about what can be causing you to be stressed try and eat even if you don't want to do something that willl make you think about positive stufff .

DO NOT DRINK! Bad idea. Anyway, you should listen to good music, have a food fight in a place which you do not have to clean up, bash up a pillow, rip/cut paper into pieces, watch comedy. All these ideas do work. I know they sound weird by they are very efficient. Try them out.

Find a local stress reduction class to learn different management techniques so you can find the one that works for you.

have u tried yoga. it works for me
or simply keep your self really really busy.

Clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to minimise misunderstandings and potential frustrations.
Try to co-operate rather than compete with your work colleagues, look for ways to turn obstacles into opportunities and negatives into positives.
Remember: You are what you eat. A well balanced diet will help your body cope with stress. Indulge in foods that are high in vitamin B, C, and Zinc e.g. eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables - why not take some nuts, an apple and banana to work instead of a chocolate bar!. Try to monitor your caffeine, alcohol and tobacco intake - increases may indicate increased stress levels and could weaken your immune system.
Assertiveness gives you better self-esteem. Stand up for yourself firmly with high expectations but not aggressively. Low self-esteem can affect your performance and expectations at work.
Learn some relaxation techniques such as Tai Chi, meditation and Yoga to help manage your stress. Also learn techniques that you can do anywhere (at your desk, on the train or bus) such as deep breathing.
Exercise regularly to boost the release of the body's natural feel-good chemicals known as 'beta-endorphins'. Exercise does not have to mean sport it includes gardening and walking the dog. Also identify your sleep pattern and how many hours' sleep you require each night and then develop a consistent routine.
Approach your employer about setting up a work-life balance program. This initiative could help you and your colleagues balance your lives at home and work. If you need to reduce you hours at work or you need extra time off because of undue pressure of your workload speak to your employer - you never know they may be more than happy to support you.
Make your inner dialogue (i.e. those conversations you have with yourself inside your head!) positive especially when you are relaxing. Positive self talk can eliminate negative symptoms of stress. For example try saying to yourself: "I am a calm, relaxed and confident person".
Use your time positively by balancing time alone, time with friends, fun time and work time. Prioritise both at work and in your private life. If something is of very low priority does it really need to be done?
Love is a great antidote for stress. Family and friends can give you the opportunity to talk and share - have you tried socialising and making friends with people at work? Do you make the effort to keep in regular contact with your friends and family? The effort will soon be rewarded.
One more for luck:

Identify what makes you feel good and is good for you. try and do it regularly e.g dancing, listening to music, going to the cinema, laughing with friends etc.
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Limit time spent with those who cause you stress. Better yet... ELIMINATE them. A few years back I said goodbye to everyone who caused me stress and life is sooooooooooo much better!

This could even be a change of jobs for some people. It was for me... I moved on to bigger and better !

Also conditioning yourself to "not care what others are thinking" helps. The way I look at is is : " What you think of me is none of MY business nor my concern". If you can keep telling yourself this, soon it will be part of your life and you will be happier with yourself. Only YOU can make your life a happy one... never look to others for happiness, you must first be happy with yourself then the career and financial things will fall into place. One last thing : You are your own sunshine... Live Happy ! : )

stress can do all that. do yoga, listen to music, light excercise, these should help.

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