Who knows how to xplain why do u get munchies after smoking?!


Who knows how to xplain why do u get munchies after smoking?

connaiseurs know what i am talking about

Specialized proteins called cannabinoid receptors are abundant in the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that plays a major role in regulating your appetite.

When the cannabinoid THC hits those receptors, it serves the same function as your body's internally produced cannabinoids, which tell the brain that it's time to eat.

By 1977, researchers had ruled out the blood sugar fluctuation theory as the cause of the munchies.

Cecil Adams' Straight Dope column, 16-May-2003

oral fixation

because food seems to just taste so good afterwards!

I don't know but a bag or two of cheetos after a bowl sure does hit the spot...

Plus, it helps distract from cotton mouth.

pot suppresses the " full feeling" nerves in your stomach and triggers a hungry feeling instead...this is true

it is to do with your brain

you get the munchies from smoking because the brain has its own natural cannabinoids that contol when you feel hungry or not , they are what causes the hunger sensation. and when you add more cannabinoids, such as while smoking it triggers more of this to be produced, hence causing the "munchies".

The munchies occur b/c MJ causes you sugar to drop, which in turns causes you to become hungry.That's why diabetics should NOT smoke and it's the reason doctors prescribe it to cancer patients.

i dont know but i would like to know myself,

I think it has to do with everything being :improved" Like, colors are brighter, jokes are funnier, food tastes better, etc. It's just part of the high I guess.

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