Would some kind person cook for me tonight?!


Would some kind person cook for me tonight?

what will you make for us

Well actually it's my birthday today - but go on then as you been so special - how about courgette, cauliflower and cabbage soup again??? I know that is your favourite!!


Oh yeah and giving me 10 points would get me to Level 3 - what more could i ask for on my birthday!

take out

Red Bull & Jaegermeister. Yum.

I would order some pizza.

Black beans and rice

chilli con carne and rice

well you can come to dinner if you want I already have 20 coming so 1 more will make no difference.

prawns melon and smoked salmon

beef wellington

Eton mess

cheese and biscuits


'Accidently' bump into the Surprise Chef at the supermarket and he'll come to your house and cook... that is, if he's still doing that whole "surprise-chef-will-bump-into- you-at-the-supermarket-and- come-home-with-you- to-cook-a-tiny- meal-for-you-which -uses-up-a- LOT-of- ingredients" thing. Or, theres always takeout!!! i LOVE japanese noodles... so try it!

smoked chicken and avocado salad with capsicum , mushrooms , lettuce and a nice balsamic vinegar dressing .... with a fresh hot cob of bread

um no,sorry got enough to cook for already!!lol

Would love to but the girlfriend would kill me!

I would make you what I made last night.

Pasta with Mixed Pepper and Apricots and Bacon. Yum The best thing I have ever cooked.

You know I'm a 52 year old grand ma from N.C. and I love to cook southern style. Lets see what will we have. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob w/butter, candied yams, and homemade biscuits. What time can I expect you?

Yes of course. I live in Athens in Greece and my brother is over from London for a holiday and I am going to cook for him this evening (and you are quite welcome) the following


Dolmades - vine leaves from my garden stuffed with rice and lots of different fresh herbs also from my garden and rice.

Fried squid

Grilled (BBQ) octopus


Roast Baby lamb in rosemary with potatoes
Greek salad with feta cheese
Home made tzatziki


Fresh melon (water and sugar)
White grapes

And plenty of local wine to wash it all down.

Are you coming????????? I will set extra plates!

i will order you a pizza

yes go down chinese takeaway and ask them

cheese and broccoli quiche. spicy wedges,. mixed leaf salad.. glass of cold white wine.. fresh lemon meringue pie for afters.

I'll fax you a pan of lasagna!

COME ON OVER... I am making homemade seafood ravioli.... MMMMmmmm I can smell it already... and of course cheesecake balls dipped in chocolate for dessert...

What are you doing still reading this ? .... you are suppose to be on your way over !!! Get over here. : )

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