Whats in your wallet?!


Whats in your wallet?

Credit Card, Money, I.D., Driver's Licence, and a couple other things. im rich so i have abot 2.5 million dollars, but not all in my wallet.



about £1.75p!!

not a lot at the moment
why ?

got pick pocketed a week ago , probably empty by now

Nothing, i don't own one

money and pictures

money and my portable screwdriver for my eyeglasses

money ,
a small greeting card given by sum1 special
visiting cards

2 Pills and 74p!!

ah, my wallet is full of crap. I got some cash, some voided checks, gas receipts, my license, pic of my daughter, gas receipts, and yes my capital one credit card with two others.

Money, credit cards and some tiny photos of my kids and some of my family. Oh and my ID card, we have to carry them in Malta where I live.

i have pictures of dumbasses . why don't you send me one of you

mostly air, let me look, yup, air.

no u can't borrow any

taht card taht says i think A&T..i saw it on TV.....wahts in you wallet? taht is a good one!

27 cents

capital one credit card

dust id pictures

Credit cards, a debit card, money, pictures, ID cards,
proof of Insurance...usual stuff.

mostly moths and not as much money as i would like to be there,as i have my millions else where


lots of rubbish and not much money...

$60 Cash
Driver's License
Social Security Card
ATM Card
A Variety of Membership cards
Kaiser Medical Card
A slew of receipts
A picture of my grandson
and my checkbook!

Moths. I'm cheap so it doesn't get opened much.

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