What is the difference b/w Dunkin Donuts products and McDonalds products?!


What is the difference b/w Dunkin Donuts products and McDonalds products?

WHAT????????? Are you just bored???!!??

McD better.

It's easier to put boogers in your burgers than your cream-filled doughnuts, but I'd check the cream anyway.

i think that dunken donuts is alot better than McDonald's and that they use less grease

Ummm... Dunkin Donuts makes donuts, bagels, etc...
McDonald's makes Burgers, fries, chicken etc...

dunkin donuts serves mostly donuts... and i dont feel as guilty if i eat dunkin donuts... however, if i eat mcdonalds food, i feel like an ox... lol...

ones a doughnut
ones a burger

The first is a donut. The second can be anything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They are 2 different fast food stores with different products. Consuming these products is unhealthy for your body.

Dunkin Donuts serves donuts.
Mc Donalds serves burgers.

Dunkin Donuts has donuts and mcdonalds has an actual meal

the premises and the machines

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