One-Day Cooking Classes?!


One-Day Cooking Classes?

For my 18th birthday, I thought it would be fun to take a cooking class with some of my friends. So far, I haven't been successful in finding any good classes. Where would I go to find such a class? Preferably, it needs to be hands-on, with eating involved! I live in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley of Northern California.


Phone your local community college Womens' Institutes.

Community Colleges often hold one or two day events like that, although they are fairly spread out, so I don't know what the odds are that they are holding any on your birthday, or around that time. Also, local schools that even just offer culinary classes, or of course, a culinary school, will have day long, just for fun, classes.

Try Draegers in San Mateo. They offer special theme cooking classes.

Call your local Williams-Sonoma stores, or other gourmet kitchen supply or food shops and ask if they give cooking classes.

I think it is a *great* idea for your birthday! Have fun!

Learn from your mum, it a best teacher com pair with school.

surely there's a gay cook around !!!!!!!!!!! call a gay-owned restr. & ask for the chef, somebody will help you out

The ritz carlton and other luxury hotels offer one day classes by some of the best chefs for a reasonable price. I believe group discounts are possible too.

Try asking some of the local gourmet grocery stores. Central Market here in Texas has classes, and y'know, even if none of the stores in your area do, I'd bet they get enough chefs coming in and shopping that they'd have leads on places to go!

Most hotels arrange one day cooking classes. If you can talk to some of them and tell them your plans etc and that you would like you and your friends to eat afterwards- I am sure they will arrange something for you.

Another idea is to see if one of your parents ( your mother or friends' mother) would be willing to set aside a day to give you all a cooking lesson in making one of their best recipes.

You will be surprised at the response you will get, especially if you tell them it is what you are planning for your birthday.

Check with gourmet groceries who often have these classes. You could also look under "personal chefs" for someone who will come to you and teach a class and serve you the meal.

hey i'm a guy and can cook,just get a cook book & go for it.

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