Why are people always in war against one another?!


Why are people always in war against one another?

Because someone always has something someone else has that they don't have or someone believes differently than someone else and they don't want to work for it, make it themselves, or believe like them, therefore it is easier to kill for it or in the name of it.


Your question just answered it self....>.<

Lack of good communication...

There has been war since the beginning of time, biblically, and the mixing of so many differences... "religions", "beliefs", Jealousy's, faiths, personalities, influences, hate to love and love to hate, money, ownership, sickness, deceit, and also not knowing the true, honest, healthy, and straight path to only one God through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. A lot of humans are compelled to think, do, and act in ways that make THEM feel good, and not what is really the best way. It will probably always exist here on earth, but in our hearts we can still be at peace. I return to the top line where I said "the mixing of differences".........a true and final example are those very words "war and peace". There are many people, but not all.... that are brought up only knowing anger and hate. Sad, huh?

Entertaining? Why is your question in the entertaining section?

people will always disagree..you could say the sun shining and you have that person says it might rain...

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