Any ideas on how i could throw a BRILLIANT 18th birthday??!


Any ideas on how i could throw a BRILLIANT 18th birthday??

I have the place's just ideas on food etc....

happy birthday.....why i ask someone trust your instinct and do what pleases you most not what others may want...afterall it is your birthday

I think a really cool one to throw would be a mask party not a Halloween one but like they use to have in the old colonial days. I'm pretty sure that you can buy a pack of a solid color. As for food I really don't know if it's going to be surprise then you should have who ever your throwing the party for their favorite food.

How about finger sandwiches, meat and cheese plates, olive bowls, and bread with butter pats, and balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and lots of soda pop, and water, and of course chips and dip.

Just get someone to cater

Well... I may flub this one because I'm going to assume you don't have access to a Costco (using the word "brilliant" this way sounds like you're in the UK to me) :)

I would do a buffet of food teens love. My older kids (19 to 24) all had 18th birthday parties that included a lot of stuff easy to eat by hand without too much mess (pizza, hot dogs, wraps, taquitoes, flautas, egg rolls, assorted cheeses, assorted crackers, raw veggies and dips, brownies, cookies etc)

An all appetizer menu is awesome. Tapas places are very popular now... and everything is about two bites worth and there's lots of variety... and if you wanted to do a theme you could do like all Spanish foods or all Dim Sum or all American or whatever... and then have a couple of drinks to match that and decorate to match.

If you go Spanish, you could do a pinata... if you do Dim Sum you could have fortune cookies... if you do American we've got lots of leftover red white and blue stuff from 4th of July - lol Go tropical with the food and have a TikiBar with non-alcoholic pina coladas and daquiris. Do Greek and you can have a fortune teller or belly dancer... do Italian and you could have a big tub of grapes for people to stomp like in that episode of I Love Lucy.

If you're doing something more upscale, obviously you would want to forget about the grapes - lol

If you really want upscale, then have it catered. Have a buffet set up with carving stations for roast beef and ham... have a chicken dish as well... they'll guide you as far as vegetables and salads and all...

Have a wonderful celebration, no matter what you decide :)

use lots of 100 watt light bulbs?

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