Whats smellier?!


Whats smellier?

a gypo or a paki? have any of us normal people ever smelt a paki?, i swear they do stink!. next time you have to share a bus with a towel headed suicide bomber get as close as you can and have a good whiff of the f'ucker. yes call me names if you want but at least i know what soap looks like

I am not sure about that one but it's a curious question.


A stupid racist question like that doesn't warrant an actual answer. It's racist people like you that cause all the world's problems.

How do you get filth like this removed?

pitty you know what soap looks like !! but do you know what its for ?

Yow dude they smell like a pig sty,s**t for breath

I wouldn't have phrased it like you, but I do agree that certain types of people seem to be allergic to soap, water and deodorant.

I can't imagine people can say such horrible things about those who belong to a different ethnic background. I won't call you names. I just feel very very sorry for you having such bigoted views of the world. You are missing out on a lot of things that make our society such a diverse, beautiful and energetic place.

young man !


What is a gypo or a paki. Then I may be able to say which is smellier, if I have ever smelled one.

You would smell too if you used your hand to wipe your **** and not toilet paper,and all you ever ate was curry c,mon give the smelly stinkers a break !!!!! lmao

Why are you sniffing people on buses is a more important question.

get a life sad act ....


Good question....I'd go with the paki....it's down to all the spices they eat for EVERY meal...it seeps out of there pores.....as for people calling you a racist...they need to get a spine and answer the question that was asked instead of panicking because someone used the paki word.....god help us all.

i think we should wash them in a lake,and maybe take our foot off ther heads in about half an hour..now pikeee`s have a scent which is not great,but at least they dont ******* moan everytime we put up our flags or charge us double at christmas time in there smelly car,,and how come they dont get charged double time on rammadammeee day.....these people that moan at you for airing your opinion are the lamest people of all as they would be happy and say nothing if the world was gona end...

"i would rather be a watford fan than a pakistannnnneee"

I will never respond to blatant racists like you. Did your parents teach you this attitude? If they did then all 3 of you disgust me.

People smell different for different reasons. Diet, pheromones, sweat levels, to name but a few.
Did you know the over use of detergents and washing powders is actually destroying the beautiful and intricate ecoystem??
Pheromones are sex hormones and are released to help people find the right mate. If smell is masked too much ikt can really disturb this system. Look here:

and http://www.fieldmuseum.org/pearls/save4....
p.s. go and wash your mouth out with bleach lol

You are a C... And no I am not a Chink, you arsehole *****!

lol i fink the paki smells worse their stinking

Why are you smelling people on the bus yuck

We really didn't want to know that you get your jollies by sniffing foreigners on the bus. yuck.

what's a gypo?

There's not a lot in it.

Have you eaten all that soap?

why which of the two are you? a gypo i suppose if you dont know what a paki smells like

i am with you 100%

Well you want to put some in your mouth and wash it out it sounds foul.

Whay are you doing going around sniffing people for??

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