What does "not valid for gratuity" mean?!

Question: What does "not valid for gratuity" mean?
I have a gift certificate for a restaurant.. does this mean tip just isn't covered?


Yes, it means the tip isn't covered. It also serves as a kind of reminder that the tip should be based on the entire cost of the meal before the gift certificate is applied. So let's say you have a $50.00 gift certificate and your bill comes to $60.00. You pay $10.00 out of your own pocket, but you don't base the tip on the $10.00 you paid -- you should base it on the $60.00 total bill.

That's exactly what it means. If you have a $25 gift certificate, and your bill is $20.00 and you want to leave the waiter the remaining $5, you can't. You have to dip into your pocket.

Yes, if you have a $20 gift certificate and the bill comes to $17 you can't just say keep the rest for your tip.

It means don't stiff the wait staff by not leaving a tip.

Exactly... you must add gratuity (tip) extra not as part of gift card. Sometimes, tax can be extra, too.

yes, it means you cannot use the certificate for a tip or part of the tip

Thats exactly what it means. the staff get nothing for the coupon.

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