Where can I go for a romantic weekend for a wedding anniversary?!


Where can I go for a romantic weekend for a wedding anniversary?

overnight hotel stays not too far from london or nice restaurants in london town

I just have to wonder...at the bottom of the page there are all these little flags and it says Yahoo international. There is a US flag, then a UK flag etc. Now, when you ask this question, are you posting under the UK section, or the US section? Do they combine? I know other country's DO NOT, but does the US & the UK merge? I would have to wonder why you would post this question in the US section, if they are separate. Not many of us westerners know any restaurant in London, much less a nice one.

This is a personal decision - to me, it could be a small picnic for two next to a stream.

They have the best service.

Find a good Bed and Breakfast. Works every time!!!!

Niagara Falls!

wow, depends what you choice is

I would go for a luxury hotel in london
to search try

Some people have stayed for their weekend wedding aniversary holidays at City Inn Westminster. Go to Tripadvisor.com and look it up.

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