Fear factor themed party?!


Fear factor themed party?

Help! I am having a fear factor themed party for adults and I need ideas for food, decorating, and stunts. I have no stunts as of yet so please help me. My house is small so please keep that in mind. Also this party will consist of only about 10 people. Serious ideas and tips only please. Thank you!

Serve 'balut'. You can buy them from an Asian store. They will give you instructions on how to cook it. Side of salt.

instead of chips, put out a bowl of moose testicles.

hmm....a stunt could be....idk....ummm...this is difficult for the place ur givin me 2 work w/....idk swing from a swing or sumthin and c who gets the farthest...idk....sumthin like that

Buy some minnows and/or worms at a bait shop and put them in a big bowl of water. Your contestants would have to transfer the most fish using only their mouth to another bowl (filled with water so the fish don't die)
Make or buy any kind of soup or stew and add in some toy eye balls or gummy worms.
Make some kind of cream cheese dip and dye with green food coloring. Use tortilla chips. (they have multicolored green and red chips)
just a start...
sounds like a lot of fun.

i saw this in a movie once, blind fold your guest, put a peeled banana in your toilet bowl and dare them to squish the mysterious object in the toilet bowl... ewww sounds so nasty.

stunts maybe mix food together like mustard orange juice and cheese or boobing for apples with raw chicken in it (wear goggles) or you can put some food out that spoils quickly mix them in a bag and have a ballon toss with the uff inside it (obviously liquids)

foods:use ketchup for blood idk what else

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