Whats better? Buttercream or whip cream icing on a cake?!


Whats better? Buttercream or whip cream icing on a cake?

I prefer whip cream....less greasy feeling/taste!


They are Equal


mm.. it';s a toss up for me..

I love buttercream! It's sweeter, and just tastes better overall to me!

homemade buttercream icing is the best

Whip cream icing, definately!

Butter cream is way too sweet, and a little greasy.

Whipped cream icing is light, fluffy, and delicious. :^)

Now I want cake! :^(


But of the two, I prefer buttercream.

Butter cream... it actually keeps better, not mention it's easy if you want to make it yourself.

Butter cream, because it's really sweet and people make funny faces when they eat it. At least my friend does.

Whip Cream. I hate buttercream, it is too sweet and too thick and heavy. I always order whipcream on all birthday cakes.

Butter cream hand down and its easier to work with for designing too.

Definitely buttercream

buttercream has a shorter shelf life but is delicious, FRESH WHIP CREAM LASTS LONGER AND IS AWESOME, I like to add a little extra vanilla when I make fresh whip cream

WHIP CREAM icing all the way. i personally hate buttercream icing!!

you can get a butter cream icing that is like whip cream but you have to get it from a cake supply company such as Wilton's. It lasts a long time on the cake and holds up really good. What you do not use on one cake and be frozen for up to six months.

Taste-wise, it's a toss up between butter cream and whipped cream. However, butter cream has exponentially better staying power at room temperature whereas whipped cream would need to be refrigerated or it starts getting runny and goes bad. In the case of wedding cakes which need to stay out for long periods of time, many people opt for butter cream.

buttercream is the best i must say, whipped taste too much like your eating a pie, for my birthdays i always want the rich buttercream

chocolate buttercream


Buttercream always.

Buttercream on this ocation

whipcream icing because it is not to fattening for u and not as sweet as regular icing.

As a decorator I defiantly say butter cream is the better choice. It has a much better flavor and thicker consistency. I find it easier to work with. It holds It shape much better too.

It's a question of taste and of course, the baker's ability, but having had both, I prefer whipped cream because it is lighter and mixes well with the cake, as opposed to buttercream which reminds me of sweet spackel and is so thick it interferes with the taste of the cake. So if you want your experience to be a dream, enjoy the cake moment with whipped cream!!!

Depends on the cake.
I like whipped cream on chocolate, but I like butter cream on white!

it depends on a cake

Whipped cream icing tastes so much better. I've made both and they're both good. But you can't beat the yummyness of the w.c. icing.

Definately whipped cream icing! The bakeries around here make what we call "crunchy sugar icing" which is their version of buttercream. Ugh!

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