What should be the theme at my dinner party?!


What should be the theme at my dinner party?

Me and the wifey are having the new couple from across the street over for dinner this weekend to introduce all the neighbors. They are afokin-american. Should we serve fried chicken? What about music? I was thinking Ludacris. We want to make them feel wellcummed.

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9 months ago

9 months ago
Ur information is wrong! My wife, who is a woman, is two and a half months preggo.

9 months ago

9 months ago
Ur information is wrong! My wife, who is a woman, is two and a half months preggo.

o____o; Okay,the friend chicken idea sounds good. BUT! The Ludacris thing might kind of offend them,I dunno though. Why do you need music anyways? Just deck it out with cute little decorations and stuff that set a nice touch. Not to classy though,remember,it's only a dinner party. Maybe you should ask some of your friends..see if they have any ideas.

uhm, was this serious?

if it is, DO NOT try to be somebody you're not. That's kind of insulting.

If this is a joke, Uhhh not funny?

you're an idiot. that being said, be yourself. serve what all idiots serve at dinner parties. swanson t.v dinners, with a nice cold juice box. take out the nice toilet paper, since you'll need napkins. dont forget to show your guests the mysterious rash you have between your butt cheeks. and it wouldnt be a white trash ho down without jello jigglers and animal crackers. (and because you want to make a good impression, try not trying to pass off your wife as a sex slave in exchange for free cable that you're able to "get" with your cousins tools.)

You could do all that...they will be underwhelmed at your lack of ingenuity....but hey, that will make it certain that they'll never visit again.

How about burning a cross in your living room about an hour before they get there. Make sure to use lots of gasoline to get a good blaze.

Can you say RACIST???

Since when did gay dudes have a wifey...? Or are you calling your ugg...boyfriend, partner, whatever a wifey now?

Anyways, till you turn straight and stop playing with yourself under a rainbow, you have no right to make fun of anybody for being african american or whatever.

you need to get a life and grow up.


If I am invited to different cultural/race party, I'd rather experience something unfamiliar food/ drinks.
Use the evening as a chance to let them get to know you.
Keep the major in your favorites and have some of their cultural- deserts, napkin setting, or music will be a nice touch.

Tell them about how much more you like your car than you love your stepson you sick moron.

P.S. Learn how to spell stupid.

As I read your question - over and over - I'm trying piece some things together... because I'm paying attention to the question, and assuming you are serious in asking it.
What I can gather is that since 'you' want to make them feel welcome, it must not matter to you what color their skin is. I'm not sure why you chose to mention their "race" (it certainly seems to be ruffling a lot of feathers here).

Naturally, I'm wondering how many people there will be for this dinner - you are inviting the new people, along with the rest of the neighbors, so that they can all be introduced? Maybe some of the other neighbors can pitch in with some ideas. (Maybe some of them will bring a dish anyway?)

I guess you've still got 4 days or so to get this together... maybe there's a way in the meantime to find out what your new neighbors like (to eat, etc.)?
For lack of a better word, if you don't need to 'cater' to their likes, then do what (and serve what) you normally would in a get-together.

Or, ask if either of them has a food allergy, or certain foods they can't eat (some people shouldn't have salt, etc.) - this will show consideration, while you get some of your questions answered.

I don't think you need a certain type of music - just put a radio out on the back patio to whatever it is you listen to, and have the tv on (audibly) for those who get drowsy after eating!

I'm sure just inviting them over has made them feel welcome - and they'll feel it more because people are showing up to meet them.

Maybe you should get a sense of humour that is not offensive to others.

i thought child marrage was illegal in the us you come across as somedody with a mental age of a 10 year old

If this is a joke it is not funny, hence the nature of the people's answers who chose to respond. I will in the name of fairness assume your question is serious and you simply wanted to assure your guests comfort. That being the reason you brought up their race.

Why not host a backyard party? You can decorate with paper lanterns and inexpensive brightly colored tableclothes. Ask each nieghbor to bring a special dish that they make really well. You can divide guests into certain courses. Some bring appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts. Or even ask which catergory they would like to bring.

If you chose to have that style party you should provide all the drinks and paper goods. Paper goods would be cups, plates, napkins, and untensils. I recommend all disposable to help speed cleanup along. And you should also prepare a dish; simply pick from a category that does not have a wide selection

Keep the party simple. I would recommend against music because if this party is truly to introduce the new neighbors you do not want conversation hindered by music playing and possibly drowning out conversation.

If you want a nice gift to give the new neighbors why not have all the "old" neighbors bring the recipes for the dish they brought on an index card. You could give the index cards with a nice recipe box for a thoughtful gift. You could even have copies made of the recipes and give a copy to each of the neighbors has a way to say thank you.

Good Luck with your party!

first of all we black folk eat things you white folks eat. not everyone likes chicken try some hors deurves, such as stuffed mushrooms,cheese straws,spinach dip and cocktail shrimp. As for music try jazz or r&b not rap.

Okay you really shouldn't have went there, Fried chicken, Ludacris, that's a big no-no put on "your kind" of music and season your dinner well!!!

i hope they will see this and don't come all African-American ppl don't listen to rap music,why don't you ask what they like?

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