What are some good activities for a 50th Birthday Party?!


What are some good activities for a 50th Birthday Party?

I'm doing a slideshow on Dvd which will include some interviews with friends and family. And there will be a little quiz about the guest of honor where high scorers will receive special prizes. What else can we do? No corny party games please, its not that type of crowd.

1. Place about 50 full size photocopies of children's portraits on a banquet table, including one of the birthday person, with sign in sheets below each photo. Gifts go to those who pick the right portrait of the birthday person.

2.Have your guests write eulogies for your birthday person before coming to the party, then create a scrapbook using a black satin guest register. Include a full size photo of the birthday person and the guest on the page opposite the eulogy written by that guest. It isn't a game but makes for a (sometimes) hilarious read after the party.

3. Have the birthday person complete a personality profile. Have your guests complete one as though they were the birthday person, whoever is the most accurate is the winner. These personality tests are all over the web, I can't open my mail without at least one or two a week.

invite an actor commedian to host the show!

Lots of Tequila, couple a exotic dancers that get the party going. LOL! Good Luck!

Ooooh! Not that type of crowd!...I see! How about a game where everyone writes down a phrase about the anniversair and the anniversair states if it's true or not!

Hire a Magician.

Casino night?? That's always fun.

singing =))

walker races!!

I threw a 50th Birthday Party for my Husband a few years ago. Since he was born in 1953, we did a sock hop theme. Everyone came dressed in poodle skirts, capri's---and the men wore white t-shirts, jeans and slicked their hair back. I decorated the tables with candy that was popular in the 50's, black combs and red lipstick and used old 45's (available in thrift stores and yard sales) as centerpieces. We had a hula hoop contest, bubble gum blowing , twist contest, jitterbug and best dressed. People lose their inhabitions when in costume. It was a huge success! Any era could be used. For our High School Reunion we had a hippie party.( we are kids from the late 60's)
Dress the room with cheap poster that can be found on many websites--Art.com---Posters.co...

Hope this helps. Have fun!

You may think this corny but it gets a lot of laughs. Get two large plastic bowls,cotton balls,a large serving spoon. Fill one large bowl with cotton balls,guest will hold the other large empty bowl in their lap,with the bowl with cotton balls on top of their head holding with one hand they will keep their eyes closed as they try to feel the empty bowl with cotton balls. It is really fun. Oh the object is to see who gets the most cotton balls into the bowl,whoever does receives a prize.

50 things that have changed since u were born.

get guests to bring 50 small presents that symbolize the birthday person's life like photos, silly stocking filler type knick knacks and come up to explain why. It'll be a hit. And very memorable too

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