What should I do for my 18th birthday?!


What should I do for my 18th birthday?

My 18th birthday is coming up and I need to get some really good ideas for it. My past birthdays haven't been anything special and this one is a big one and I want it to be great. So let me know. : ) Thanks

Do what everyone else does; Get absolutely wasted and wake up in the morning thinkin' "what did I do on my 18th?"

Buy a pack of cigarettes just cuz you can! :)

Get laid. :-)

Well, I live in the Los Angeles area, and I went to Disneyland for my 18th. I think you should do something like that which is really fun and kid-like because it is the last time you will be considered a "kid." Do something childlike and just be crazy and have fun!

Read a good book , clean your room and be pleasant all day!

You should die and make the world a better place!

21 is the big one!
celebrate your 18th birthday by reversing the tradition. buy your mum a gift and thank her for having you and raising you to be the great kid you are.
buy your dad a gift and thank him for his wisdom and guidance.
have a really great family celebration and wait for 21 to get wild and crazy.

if your birthday is within the next few days you are a virgo, which in itself, is a wonderful reward. if after that, a libra to which the previous applies plus the extra of having dimples and an amusingly, very chatty, social disposition. in either case you are very fortunate. so--celebrate!! ;-) (i find those two signs to be associated with the world's most attractive women)

eat an entire large pepperoni pizza

I am not very good at parties but here are some ideas you might like:

#Try taking a photo of everyone that is going to be there and then get them to write on a page a message to you and then scrap booking it with the photo on it.

# You could have a theme party or have everyone dress up as if it was a prom party. You can have all the party food in buffet containers in one area and bowls of different goodies on tables close to sitting areas around the room. When it's time to eat the main food they can take a tray each and plate etc and help themselves to the hot food.

#Have an evening outdoor barbecue party in your garden. Decorate the trees and bushes with Christmas type lights and balloons tied to them.

#Hire a Juke box

# Hand little birthday favors out to them before they leave or near the end of the party. This could be a little chocolate delicacy in a small box with a box with a little 'thank you ' card inside. Put all the delicacies in a big decorated basket, makes it easier to hand out.

# Have a 18th birthday guest book and have them sign in with anything they like , like a quote etc and their name under it.

Get a small group of friends and go on a road trip

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