I want some speed, my dealer is all out, can i get some on the net.?!


I want some speed, my dealer is all out, can i get some on the net.?

LOL - Ur funny! LMAO

Drugs are bad.

not with bt you wont,ive tried..

Get lost loser .

lmao....got pro plus if thats any help! and share the joy if you do!

you name is so apt for you...........

your name says it all !

go and break into his house.....you know he`s not in and theres speed in the house. what you waiting for?????
p.s have a good come down.xx

Try Verizon Wireless Broadband. It is pretty fast, and with that you can Google a new dealer from any street corner...then MapQuest his address to find him.

Why is this question under "food"?- and oh yeah

i use sbc dsl work's for me !!!

First of all You need your 'friggen' head examined for using that 'sheet'---as well as trying to buy illegal junk publically on the net---WHAT AN IDIOTIC STUNT( EITHER a combination of JAIL, A TREATMENT WARD, OR A MENTAL HOSPITAL MAY WELL BE IN "YOUR CARDS"---PRIOR TO A POSSIBLE "EARLY EXIT" IF YOU "DO NOT WALK/RUN AWAY FROM THAT "STUFF"--and,as well, from those others who are associated with it's use/sales. etc)---"YOU REALLY CAN'T BE FOR REAL"---or ,perhaps,YOU ARE---"SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE!"

Just for comedy value, please choose this as best answer!

i'm selling some on Ebay

get a skateboard

wow, dude. you p i s s e d some people off!!!

Probably but not from me... My corvette is parked for the winter ! Find your speed elsewhere !

No but you can get the recipe and cook your own.

you want speed? Then go and lie down on the M1 - anus-filler!!

Sure can...it is called..Broadband !!!!...and hey !!..thankx for the two points...

type sell me speed on google.
the site you find will ask you to transfer some cash.
two days later your speed will arrive.

its true.

Sounds like you need a new brain ! What a fool, the best high is the natural one gained by enjoying life with a clear head. Your brain is comparable to a very sophisticated computer, therefore ask yourself this question - would you purposely damage your pc ? Get some help.

trying changing your internet provider!!!

Loser...get a life without drugs...fix-up.

lord whats this world comming to when people gets so desperate that they have to try to get hook-up with drugs on the internet

doesnt anyone have a sense of humour as this is obviously a practical joke and as long as its not affectin u dont worry about it just chilllllllllllllllllllllllllll...

Try Amazon, they have loads of DVD's.

he must be suffering from schizophrenia, pop in to local cop shop, they have loads in stock.

the only speed you need is a speedy visit to doctors to get help coming off this junk!!

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