Would party bags be babyish?!

Question: Would party bags be babyish?
I am having my 12th Birthday party (a cinema party) and I am wondering if a party bag would be too babyish. What do you think?


It's all about what's in the bags....

You're a little young for some of the things I'm thinking of, but everyone likes candy!

If you don't think people will get too fussed over it, don't put the same thing in all the bags. That will create interest in what other people got, and if people are interested they won't think it's "babyish", as you say. Who would think that anything they're personally interested in is immature? It is also true that at many adult functions party bags are given-- especially fancier functions with celebrities.

There are two ways you can go with what to use for actual bags. Either get something really nice (I've included some links below) like you could use a cosmetic bag and then the bag itself is part of the "gift", or you could get really cheap little plastic party bags like we all used to get when we were little and went to birthday parties. Embracing the nostalgic aspect of the whole thing.

I would include a ring pop. That just seems classic.

I haven't been 12 in about 12 years though, so otherwise I'm not sure what you all are into these days.

Have fun with your party!!

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Nah; adults do party bags too. They call them thank you gift baskets and usually put wine or something in it. For you, i'd just make sure the contents aren't too babyish.. stick to candy and maybe a little note that says thanks for coming.

nope, put some candy in there, a key chain, hair stuff, stationary stuff, little note book
party stores have stuff for party bags, or go to the dollar store and get stuff, then some candy like lollipops.

Not at all. We did them for my daughter's 15th. I put in things like eye shadow, nail polish, candy, etc. Found a lot of great stuff at the dollar store.

Certainly not babyish, i am 12 and i had party bags at mine, i put normal stuff in it (:

Call your party bag a party favor

If you think its too babyish then just give them a stick of toblerone each instead :)

the big hollywood stars get goody bags at the oscars it depends what you put in them

No! I am 14 and i still have party bags for my b'day. It depends what you put in them.

It depends on what you put in them. There are goodie bags at the Oscars!

Goodie away!

No Party bags are cute

No of course not. But it depends on what you put in it.

No! I mean I'm having my 14th birthday at Chuck e cheese, now that's babyish!

yes, but i will gladly take one.

no, i dont think it would be! as long as they were filled with things that would be appropritate for the age group LOL xx

After age 10, yes. But it depends what u put in them.

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