First year old party ideas in STL?!

Question: First year old party ideas in STL?
I know people say do it at home but our family is HUGE!!!!! I know people say the child doesn't know what's going on but he will see pictures when he gets older. So please save the nasty comments. Thank you on advance


I had 1st birthday parties for my children and I cherish the memories of them!

Plan the party well in advance. Send invites at least 20 days prior and then get going with your organizing!

You could choose to have a theme party of your child's favorite cartoon hero or use the theme from their room decor. This could be your theme on the invitations on the decor on the food table on the cake on the balloons etc etc) There are plenty of themes out there even for 1st birthdays!

Make a detailed checklist of the things you have to do and keep them posted on your fridge tick them as you go.

1. Decide on the guest list keep it very detailed
2. Now make a detailed schedule of the party from arrival to departure include all events planned in a time line. (Example 2:00 -3:00 pm arrival 2:30-3:30 games pin the tail on the donkey musical chairs etc etc 3:30 - 4:00 food 4:00 to 4:30 pinata and cake etc etc)
3. Plan the food if you have a huge family you could try having it catered
4. Plan the entertainment (for the kids) I also planned a game for the adults as well.
5. Decide who will take the photos for the party appoint a friend or hire a photographer
6. Order the cake
7. Don't forget the thank you gifts.

I also prepared a time capsule for the child. Ask all guests to bring something that is a "Sign" of our times. Place all items in a box add in the box one paper plate napkin and invitation form the party. Store it away until the child's 18th birthday.
A guest brought a fashion magazine to place in the time capsule box. Imagine how it will seem in 18 years from now!!

You could get a lot of ideas for preparing a party (anything from your check list to the food) from various sites on the net. A good one is birthday party ideas com.

No nasty comments here!
I enjoyed prepairing my childrens' 1st parties so much and I am sure they cherish them when they see them on dvd.
I can not wait until they open their time boxes!!

Go all out and have FUN!

you can have it at a childrens play place. in michigan we have Play world and Bounce Party…

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