whirlyball party help!?!?!

Question: Whirlyball party help!?!?
i have to figure this out soon! im inviting 20 people. i want to play whirly ball but its $160 for 1 hour (4 games) would 2 games per person be enough? or should i do something else. also, if i did do the hour of whirlyball how much more time would i need for cake and presents?


I'm a former employee for Whirlyball... for 1 hour and 20 people i would recommend you do 8-10 min. games... you get a lot more games out of it, plus people can eat in the party room while the games are going. As far as time for cake and presents, you can either do it between games, or if you prefer everyone be present, then you may sometimes request the party room for an extra 30 min. or so, depending on the schedule of the center. Keep in mind parties are sometimes booked right after. so either call the center to reserve the 30 min. or make sure the room will be available.

Employee for 2 years.

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