Which party would you rather go to?!

Question: Which party would you rather go to?
I am planning a graduation party (High school) And i REALLY want a fun, themed party, i've never been to a themed party, no one around here does themed parties either, so i'd like to be some of those few. So i am torn, would you rather go to like a 50's themed, you know elvis, lost of balloons, big fluffy dresses. or like a red carpet themed, you know like guests would come "all out" really fancy, red carpet, etc.
Can you all tell me which one you'd rather go to, or which you like more, oh and please, i'd like to hear some of your ideas, what kind of themed party would you like to go to? Please no negative comments, other than that, thanks everyone who helps me out! :)


A 50's party for today's high schoolers is a bit far removed, being that their parents were born after that era and musically would not necessarily mean much, especially since tastes have changed significantly during the 60's and beyond. A red carpet affair sounds quite expensive, especially for the students who struggle to earn minimum wage or to save their meager allowance. Don't forget that prom is coming up if I am not mistaken, and that presents high expenses as it is. Why not have a casual come-as-you-are balloon themed party? Balloons are great fun in many ways. There are contests and games that uses balloons and their inherent properties. Some examples are a blow to pop contest, relay races where balloons are set on benches and must be sat on in succession, numerous popping contests where a balloon is tied to each ankle and everyone tries to step on others balloons and the one remaining with a balloon intact is the winner, and so on. Some groups can team together to inflate as many balloons in a set amount of time. The most balloons win the contest. Or as individuals. Too sophisticated for balloons? Nonsense! You can purchase balloons in the school colors instead of multicolored balloons that may remind of a child's birthday party.

I like the red carpet one because you're graduating and getting all dressed up and fancy would be fun and would make you feel grown up.

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