What can I do for my 21st besides go drink?!

Question: What can I do for my 21st besides go drink?
I am 19 right now, so I know this isn't relevant quite yet. However, here's my issue.

A week before my freshman year of college (last August) I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor called a Prolactinoma. I am currently on medication to shrink the tumor and it is working! My tumor is shrinking. But here's my problem. I will have to stay on this medication for the rest of my life and I cannot have alcohol while on the medication or else I risk organ failure.

So, when my 21st rolls around, while most people go have a drink (or 15) I cannot have more than 1. I have been raised in a home where having one or two drinks every now and then is okay even though I am underage. So having 1 drink on my birthday won't be anything new.

Does anyone out there have ideas to make my night feel really big and just as important? I hate this and am exasperated.


Do a spa day with a few of your closest friends, then go to dinner and order a bottle of champagne and everyone have one glass to toast with

I wouldnt drink. just hangout with your friends and family, you ont need to drink, its bad for you anyways, and you could go to your favorite place and hangout with your friends and family, have fun (:

I can drink an everything but I know when I turn 21 I'm gonna be a total kid go to a park chucky cheese ect. My friend did it last Yeats it was a blast

concert, movies, dinner.

Just go have fun with your friends! Do something that teenagers do since you are only young once. For me, I love playing lasertag! Do it!

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