Help me with my girls night party?!

Question: Help me with my girls night party?
I'm throwing a 21^ slumber party this weekend. Here's some stuff we're doing, please comment on my ideas or give me some of your own.
Starts at 7:30pm; having a "pasta salad bar" where I will have bowls with tri-color rotini, black olives, green olives, pepperoni, pepperjack cheese cubes, colby jack cheese cubes, green bell pepper and yellow bell pepper, along with some Italian dressings. I will also have a small martini menu, in which my friends will pick out a drink, and I will make it. I have made an amazing 200 song playlist with feminist songs and love songs that everyone will want to sing along to! For decorations, I'm laying down tons of blankets and pillows across the living room floor and the couch, and I'm printing out famous quotes from famous females to post around on the walls. For games, I'm going to have a "truth or dare" box that people can write down truths or dares and put in the box throughout the night. I have another "contest" game where every 10 minutes a "contest question" (ex. "Who has teh longest hair?") is pulled out from an envelope and whoever wins that has to either, choose from the truth or dare box or choose from the prize box. In the prize box I will put little dollar store gag gifts, or a pair of cute, large undies. The undies lead to a game later in the night where we all pick names from an envelope and decorate teh underwear with permanent markers to describe the person we chose. These then turn into my party favors. When we all get hungry again from drinking and talking we're lighting up the fondue pot! :) I was thinking of renting a chick flick to put on towards the end of the night when everyone is winding down from their buzz.
Any game ideas, decoration ideas, drink recipes, any comments about what I have, is appreciated! :) Thanks!


You have to make pomegranate martinis. I'm not a big mixed drink person, but these are outrageous!

1 oz vodka (or citrus vodka, if you have it)
1/2 oz Cointreau orange liqueur
3 oz pomegranate juice (POM is the best brand)
chopped ice
1/4 teaspoon lime juice
lime slice, for garnish

If you have or can possibly get a second dish for the fondue pot (I was assuming that you're doing cheese fondue) chocolate fondue for any kind of girls party would seem scandalous not to include.

If you do the movie thing you can have popcorn and hot chocolate. The sweet and salty go really well. This is what I do for hot chocolate...

1% or skim milk in a pot on medium heat (whole milk actually makes it too rich)
Ghirardelli hot chocolate powder (your grocery store will have it) OR dark cocoa powder
Extra semi-sweet Ghirardelli chocolate
vanilla extract
a little dark rum or brandy

Decorations: you haven't mentioned candles. I've posted a link below for cheap glass votive holders (you'll use them again and again) that hold 10 hour tea lights. $21.98 for a dozen with candles. We got two sets of 72 for a friend's wedding and it was great.

I'm not so great when it comes to party games... I've always really like charades, but it's kind of more fun when there are guys, apples to apples is fun too, especially when you make it a drinking game. Both are great for female friends because it's about guessing what the other person is thinking. My roommate and I used to be uncanny at charades. We could destroy.

Have fun! I'm sure you will :-)…

No offense but how are you over 21? All those games, contests, underwear decorating?, and feminine quotes sound like garbage that 14 years old do. I would much rather sit back with the girls, drink some wine, eat some chips, watch a movie, go to bed.

Having the sex is much fun

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