HELP!! questions about planning a party?!

Question: HELP!! questions about planning a party?
im planning a birthday party for my brother hes turning 21 and i want it to be big! i have a few questions:

1) should i invite family or just friends?
2)for around 150 people, how many bottles and cases of beer should i buy? (6 hour)
3)should I offer food?

i appreciate your help!!


1) just friends, if you want family involved then have a separate gathering with them. Nothing is worst than a party where they invited the family. It makes things awkward and the friends don't like it. I for one know that I hate being at someones party where their family is there, it just kills the mood. (other than cousins/siblings who are the same age as the friends)
2) I have no idea
3) definitely, when people go to a party, especially a party for a reason (like b-days and holidays) they expect food and will want it. Especially since the party will be so long, people will get hungry and you dont want people leaving your party early to eat. You could just do snacks and party food.

1.) Just friends. I would do a separate, more low-key event for family.
2.) Oh wow. That's a lot of people. Not all of them will show up, probably. Maybe you could make it BYOB, but offer a couple kegs in the backyard and a few cases?
3.) No real food. Buy some pop, pretzels, chips, and that's it.

Since beer is involved, I would say friends and only family who are ur ages and ones u could hang out with...
For 150 people, I would say u need LOTS of beer...
If it's a 6 pack and there's 150 people, that would be 900 bottles each one bottle, and if each one drinks one bottle every hour, it would be 5400, which is 900 cases... WOW!
m yes, the people will get hungry, but just like appetizers..

My guessing..

friends, it can be weird to have family at a party
two-three for each person, 150times3=450
yes, do small platters, finger food. Some bowls of chips, fruit, and some small things should be good.

can someone answer my question? link below

1-Invite everyone.
2-Buy a keg, it's probably cheaper.

invite just friends, buy about 20 cases of beer, and do not offer food, just more to clean up at the end

i agree with women in question..good luck!

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