why dont my kids never get home in time for dinner when they know its taco night?!

Question: Why dont my kids never get home in time for dinner when they know its taco night?
i feed them tacos everynight and they never come home so the meat gets cold. what kind of microwave is good for meat too


i host a few taco meat nights every night too. none of my 12 daughters come home including my baby

including my baby

Ummmm... maybe you should lay off on the tacos cause when you eat something to many times you start to hate it. You should probably give them some different kinds of meals... because seriously no one wants to eat something EVERYDAY! I dont know any good meat microwave ovens but one that is good for meat i think is called SHARP. Its really great. Oh and you could probably fry meat in any microwave here is a website for steps

If you have tacos every night maybe you should call it dinner rather than 'taco night' since they are one and the same. Did you perhaps mean every wednesday night for eg?
Microwave - just a normal microwave I'd imagine.

Because you feed them tacos every night. Lay off the tacos and make something else. I wouldn't want tacos every night either.

This is sad if this is true. With all these mean comments and such. They either are busy doing something else every night, or they don't like tacos, lol. everynight? =P

because you "feed them tacos everynight"
get some verity in your food options!

Is this a joke?
No one wants tacos every night. Or they don't like tacos.
What does this have to do with entertainment

your tacos are probably horrible

You feed them tacos everynight?

Well theres your answer to your question "why dont my kids never get home in time for dinner"

If tacos were dinner every night at my house, my kids wouldn't come home either!


Time to make taco night one day of the week; that's why they're not coming home...

hmmm...maybe because they know its taco night..try something new and different!

Maybe they perfer Burritos. Just a thought

What The F.
Go get a cook Book.

are u using a good recipe

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