whats a good idea for a neighborhood party?!

Question: Whats a good idea for a neighborhood party?
So we have a neighborhood party at the clubhouse with a pool, coming up for labor day & I've been asked to come up with some ideas to attract kids from the age of 9-18 to come...we have moonwalks & stuff but we need some better ideas.....anyone!?!


Pool football/basketball, music, prizes for the 9-18 year old that brings the most friends. Wii bowling,(or Wii anything) bingo, wheelbarrow races, horseshoes (if available) Prizes can be yummy treats made by your neighbors! But you might not want to let the kids know what the prizes are...

Good luck! I wish I lived in your neighborhood!

Dunk booth, is cool. contests are cool too.

can someone answer my question? link below

moonwalks are fun. you could also have a barbeque

get a dj!

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