I'm sick should I still go to dinner party?!

Question: I'm sick should I still go to dinner party?
I am supposed to attend a couples dinner party tonight at my friend's house with two other couples. I woke up feeling pretty sick this morning. Not sick where I have a fever or can't move, but just a bad cold, sore throat hurts to talk type thing. Should I still go to the dinner party? I know my friend worked very hard on the meal, and I was supposed to bring along a couple appetizers. But I don't want to make anyone else sick, so I'm not sure what to do. So.. should I stay at home, go anyways, or just have my boyfriend go?


I think your friends would rather you stay home then get them all sick. Have your boyfriend go, bring the appetizers, and tell the host that you werent feeling well. I hope this helped!

Personal opinion

Your friend is inviting you into their home, which is traditionally a generous thing to do. Sitting down to "break bread" together is a lovely way for humans to come together. Please don't return this generosity and hard work with the potential to make others sick. I've been to gatherings where people felt they had to/wanted to come, even though they were ill. It's really rude. Some people have caught the bug at these functions and either missed work or have been miserable for days. Don't make any food either. If you two decide your bf should still go, have him pick up some fancy appetizers at a deli, hell, even flavored nuts. Tuck up, take care, and know that you are not spreading germs to those you care about.

Frankley, I would prefer if someone told me they were sick and couldn't attend, than having them come and potentially making everyone else ill.
Give your friend a call and let him/her know and leave the ball in their court.
Feel better!

Send your boyfriend with the appetizers and your regrets. You don't want to get anyone sick. Have him tell your friends you're sorry you couldn't make it.

Sorry your sick! Feel better soon!

Stay home ! spent two miserable weeks of illness when a coughing fellow guest exposed me to her germs. Be considerate.

You should take some rest.
God bless you

no just in case you feel worse


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